Friday, December 2, 2022

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Rawalkot, police seized a...

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Rawalkot police seized a Suzuki van from near the city...

Municipal elections, campaigning is...

Rawalkot (Dharti News) In the second phase of local elections to be held...

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Rawalkot, police seized a car full of black pipes

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Rawalkot police seized a Suzuki van from near the city which was loaded with black water pipes. This Suzuki van was coming from Rawalpindi which was stopped by some political activists near the passport office...

Municipal elections, campaigning is over, polling will be held tomorrow

Rawalkot (Dharti News) In the second phase of local elections to be held in Azad Kashmir after a long period, the election campaign of the candidates participating in the local elections to be held on December 3 has ended...

Imran Khan may be arrested or disqualified, Asif Ali Zardari

Karachi (Dharti News) Former President Asif Ali Zardari, in a special interview on private TV channel Aaj, has not ruled out the possibility that not only former Prime Minister Imran Khan may be arrested before the elections, but he...

Inspector General of Police Azad Kashmir visited Rawalkot, presided over the important meeting

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Inspector General Police Azad Kashmir Dr. Ameer Ahmed Sheikh visited the divisional headquarters of Poonch with reference to the elections to be held in Rawalkot, Bagh, Sidhnuti and Haveli districts of Poonch Division on December 03...

Rawalkot, Ward No. 8 Tarar Tarni Chhal, independent candidate Sardar Zahid Hanif withdrew in favor of Sardar Asif Naseem.

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Sardar Zahid Hanif, an independent candidate from Ward No. 8 Tarar Tarni Chhal of Municipal Corporation Rawalkot, will unconditionally withdraw in favor of Sardar Asif Naseem, the nominated candidate of JKPP. Sardar Zahid Hanif has announced...

Briefing of officers under training at the Professional Services Academy Peshawar about the reconstruction program in Azad Kashmir

Muzaffarabad (Dharti News) In the severe earthquake of October 8, 2005, the loss of 73 thousand precious human lives and the destruction of public and private property worth billions of rupees had to be endured. Buildings in other sectors...

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