It became possible to send messages to Earth from a “warm hole”.


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Experts have found in a new study that if someone falls into a “warm hole” in space, it will not be possible to return, but it will have enough time to send a message back to Earth. is a hypothetical object, which is believed to provide a way to transport us to distant parts of the universe or to other universes. But no wormhole of any kind has been observed by scientists yet.

According to physicists, if any material entered the most common type of wormholes studied, it would become extremely unstable and collapse, but it is not clear how fast the collapse process would occur. Recently, a new computer program has shown how a type of wormhole would react if matter were passed through it. Ben Kine, a physicist at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, sent a mission into the wormhole in a computer simulation.

They say that because you know the wormhole will collapse, you won’t try to bring it back, but could a signal come back before that collapse? Research has shown that this is possible. Ben Cain said that previous studies of wormholes concluded that if these space corridors contain a strange type of matter, called ghost matter. (called ghost matter), if present, could potentially be open to travel to and from distant regions of the universe.

According to experts, theoretically, the reaction of this phantom matter to gravity is completely reversed from normal matter. That is, if an apple of ghost matter falls from a tree branch, it will go up instead of down. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, there is a strong possibility that ghost matter does not exist. Nevertheless, Ben Cain ran a ghost meter through the wormhole in a computer program and observed that it caused the wormhole to expand rather than close as expected. But Ben Kyne’s simulations confirmed that ordinary matter passing through these wormholes would be a very different experience. This would cause the wormhole to close, leaving a black hole-like object in its place, but the process would be so slow that a fast-moving mission would send a signal at the speed of light before the wormhole completely closed. Can send back.

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