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A unique device to reduce odors, prevent bacteria and keep food fresh in the refrigerator

Thousands of kilograms of refrigerated food, fruit and vegetables are thrown away every week around the world. Now a small device can reduce this damage while keeping food fresher and on the other hand reduce the smell of the refrigerator. It is a small device that works under photocatalyst technology and prevents odors in everything kept in the refrigerator and slows down the production of bacteria.

In this way, the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, foods and beverages etc. increases. In this way, food costs are reduced and food is not wasted. All you have to do is turn on the charged shelf device and place it in the refrigerator. You can set different options according to the amount of food in the fridge.

Then the nanomaterial-made photocatalyst begins to absorb refrigerator pollutants, bacteria, and odors. Later you can wash it off with plain water and reuse it. It has ceramic material around the filters which increases its efficiency. On the other hand, despite the battery and fan, it doesn’t emit any sound and continues its work in a quiet manner. As the internal air of the refrigerator is drawn in and out, it is filtered and as a result bacteria and odors are definitely eliminated.

According to the company, it eliminates up to 80% of fridge odors and reduces the number of bacteria by a tenth. Then you can view and control it from the app. If a vegetable starts to wilt after ten days, Shlafi extends its shelf life to 22 days. Under normal conditions, strawberries go bad on the fourth day, but Shelfie keeps them fresh for ten days. Similarly, the shelf life of tomato has been increased from 14 days to 22 days. The invention will be available by May 2023 and currently its introductory price has been set at 94 euros i.e. 20 thousand rupees on the crowdfunding website.

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