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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Artificial intelligence charging battery

Scientists have so far developed many things using artificial intelligence. In this context, artificial intelligence has developed an effective solution to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Carnegie Mellon University researchers used a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence to create an improved electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries.

The team of researchers wanted to design electrolytes that could charge batteries faster, one of the major challenges in battery technology today. Lithium-ion batteries have a cathode and an anode and an electrolyte around them. When they are charged, ions leave the cathode and pass through the electrolyte to the anode, and when they are discharged, the reverse process occurs.

The composition of the electrolyte determines how quickly the battery charges or discharges and how it performs. Therefore, improving the electrolyte solution is a major challenge for battery manufacturers. The team of researchers used three solvents. and used an automated system of pumps, valves, vessels and other lab equipment to mix a salt in different proportions, named “CLIVE”. The results were fed into a machine learning system called ‘Dragonfly’, which analyzed the data to come up with different methods and alternative ratios that would perform better.

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