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Floods, Disasters and Water Reservoirs

Muhammad Mutahir Khan Singhanvi

Pakistan’s worst floods in recent history put more than three million children at increased risk of water-borne diseases, drowning and malnutrition. Heavy rains, floods and landslides have affected many people in Pakistan this year. As soon as the monsoon starts, the flood season also comes in our country and these floods always bring destruction and destruction with them, every year there is a huge loss of life and money to the country and the nation, villages and villages are wiped out. Houses and roads are destroyed and villages are deserted, fields are destroyed and lush green land is destroyed.

The irreparable loss of precious human lives is separated, the entire system of life is paralyzed. Since 1956, our country has been hit by floods continuously since 1956. .

The countries of the world where floods cause destruction in the same way have taken advantage of modern technology and engineering with the help of expert engineers, scientists, and architects by building large dams, barrages and water reservoirs in their country, not only to prevent flooding. They got rid of the plundering of water forever, instead, they collected this water and made it beneficial for themselves, as if the flood water that used to bring death and destruction to them yesterday is now life, blessing and other things for them. It promises benefits, but our country is still deprived of the fruits of such a life-giving system, due to which flood becomes such a big trouble for us and this trial takes the form of a punishment.

If we also use all our resources in the face of environmental changes, to preserve the water of record-breaking rains in the form of new water reservoirs and in this regard, to take concrete steps on scientific basis and save ourselves from the destruction of flood channels on a permanent basis. If you do, it will surely prove to be a milestone in the country’s history. If large scale dams, barrages and reservoirs are constructed.

If the rivers were deepened and had the capacity to bear more water, then the devastation caused by the flood today might not have happened and instead of being harmed at the national and national level, we would have benefited on the contrary, because we This valuable water can be stored and saved every year and can be used for ending the energy crisis, increasing the electricity production and for other agricultural and commercial purposes, but due to the lack of any planning in this regard, we face other losses. At the same time, Indian water aggression is also faced. The billions of rupees that are being spent now for the treatment of flood damage should have been better spent on the construction of dams, barrages and water reservoirs. going

If we manage to protect water reservoirs, along with other benefits, it is quite possible that water will not be released to Pakistan in the future, because this water will become more expensive for us after being developed and, as usual, it will cause such great destruction and destruction. Instead of spreading destruction, our development will prove to be the main motivation to overcome the energy crisis and it will always be a constructive situation compared to today’s destructive situation and this situation that creates color and gives life to life will always remain. We have a total of 41 dams, small and big.

So we have no choice but to build more dams. Apart from this, there is a dire need to increase the capacity of water storage in all the barrages, including Head Trimum, Taunsa Barrage, Sukkur Barrage and Gudu Barrage, and to achieve these capacities, we generally need to work with other developed countries of the world and In particular, they can take help from their close friendly countries. We need to learn from our country’s flood history which we have never done, there is a need to implement the recommendations of the Flood Commission and also the recommendations of the Judicial Commission of 2010, these are certainly helpful. The Nile River in Egypt used to flood every year.

China controlled it through the Three Gorges Dam, besides, floods in Holland and Belgium also caused great destruction. But with the best planning and services of experts, these two countries also controlled the floods well, our dear country too. Making these countries a beacon, benefiting from the experiences and observations of these experts, flood disasters can be well controlled, but it is only a matter of priorities, controlling floods has never been one of our priorities since 1956. Now we must keep in mind that experts are constantly predicting that the rainfall in Pakistan and the region will increase every year and this will certainly lead to more dangerous and destructive floods than the previous floods and this is certainly known. Along with the loss, heavy burden will also be placed on our economy.

So now we have to think seriously and take practical steps in this direction, now the first priority should be to prevent floods forever and to store this water and use it for beneficial purposes, because Without building a dam, it is not possible to get rid of the ravages of floods. In this, all of us, including the government, have heavy responsibilities, no government alone can control the large-scale disaster, this is the time to unite and organize to deal with the flood problems.

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