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How to create a secret folder on a computer that no one can see?


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Windows is the most widely used computer operating system in the world, but still few people know about the many features hidden in it. One such feature is to create a secret folder on the desktop that no one can see.

Yes indeed, a folder that no one can see without a name is almost impossible to see.

The only way to find it is to hover the mouse over it or select the section. This feature can be helpful if you want to prevent access to personal files by others, especially children. Here’s how to do it. Right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop for folders with blank names.

First, select New and then the Folder option. When the folder is created, right-click on it and click on Rename to delete the previously written words and then type Alt 0160 code and press enter button. If you fill It would be better to use a size keyboard (a keyboard with the Numpad on the right side). This will create a folder with no name.

How to do it? To make the folder icon disappear, right-click the folder again and then go to properties. Go to the Customize tab in the properties and click on the Change Icon button at the bottom. You will see different icons, scroll forward and you will see 4 blank icons, select any of them and click on the OK button.

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