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The world’s largest digital camera is ready

Scientists have developed the world’s largest digital camera for astronomical research. Its total power is equivalent to 2,666 mobiles that will be deployed at the Vera C. Reuben Observatory in Chile. It has been developed by the experts of Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory. Experts have named it LSST camera. The camera weighs three tons and is the size of a small car. The 3200 megapixel sensor installed in it will be cooled to minus 100 degrees Celsius, which will reduce the noise of digital images.

The camera will be installed atop the Simonai Survey Telescope in Chile in 2024 and is expected to search for new stars, planets, galaxies and other astronomical objects, as well as dark matter and dark energy. I will also get help.

The project, called the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), will acquire several terabytes of data per day and is expected to map billions of galaxies. It has 189 sensors. Its resolution can be estimated to be able to see a grain of sand on the moon, with a resolution of 3.2 gigapixels, but it is a very sensitive camera and very expensive to manufacture. has come

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