Saturday, September 24, 2022

A historic strike in Pakistani Kashmir’s capital on the call of the Student Action Committee


(Today strike by Kashmiri students in Muzaffarabad)

MUZAFFARABAD – On the call of the Students Action Committee, all businessmen, transporters, civil society, lawyers, students, political workers strike history in Muzaffarabad division, all business centers closed, wheel jams, jalsa processions, protest demonstrations, fifteenth amendment, tourism authority, Slogans against the partition of Kashmir, gathering of thousands of people in Geelani Chowk, historic demonstration of lawyers, students, traders, transporters.

The movement to save the state was launched, and people of all schools of thought will struggle together. Apart from the capital, there was a complete shutter down at all places including Garhi Dupta, Hattian Bala, Chakar, Chinari, Chakothi, Kahori, and Dulai. In the central demonstration, different areas of the capital, different political parties, students, lawyers’ organizations, traders, and transporters separated. Participated in the form of a procession. When all the processions gathered at Geelani Chowk, a huge gathering took the form of former prime minister, Azad Jammu and Kashmir State Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan, former assembly candidate Raja Saqib Majeed, Raja Sahib Javed, Mujtaba Bande.

President Central Association of Traders Shaukat Nawaz Mir, President Supreme Court Bar Raja Tariq Bashir Advocate, Fazal Mehmood Baig, President Central Bar Association, Amjad Ali Khan Advocate, Khawaja Azam Rasool, Gaddafi Altaf, Raja Aqib Ambassador, Sohail Mughal, Hamid Maqbool Abbasi, Zaheer Mir, Raja Bilal, Raja Ahsan Khurshid, Raja Sami, Qasim Fareed, Zulfiqar Butt, Shahid Latif. 

While addressing the protest, former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that those who called the 15th Amendment a sham should tell why the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs wrote a letter, and those who said there is no amendment should tell where the draft came from. I request the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of the whole situation and announce the withdrawal of the draft of the fifteenth amendment. The elders, children, youth, women, and men of Azad Kashmir all agree on one point they will allow Azad Kashmir to become a province. Neither will they allow Kashmir to be divided. 

1931 So till today, I pay my respects to the great martyrs of Kashmir who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom.

The former prime minister said that today there are people belonging to different ideologies here in their presence, I want to emphasize one thing the nation of Pakistan is our benefactor. Our flock may be from governments but the people of Pakistan have always stood by us What is the example of cooperation? It seems that an unannounced decision has been made on the partition of Kashmir. 

On my demand, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif agreed to give power to Azad Kashmir in the manifesto of PML-N and it was included in the manifesto. We want to know who is behind this and who wants to bring this amendment. Prime Minister of Pakistan. Let’s announce the Barat. Today the youth, businessmen, and zealous people have proved that they will not allow the partition of Kashmir under any circumstances.

The people of Pakistan have always supported us, thanks to them, 22 crore people of Pakistan are behind us. The people in power may be responsible for the problems. Raja Farooq Haider Khan may be responsible for the problems, but the people of Pakistan. No, I request all people and youths not to do any such act that will hurt their sentiments. 

He said that the tourism authority is not acceptable in any case, I will not back down even if someone blows my neck. The youth will stand up against the division of Kashmir, even if everyone agrees, I will not back down. Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that Thanks to the brothers of Rawalkot for running a strong movement, they proved that they stood firm, today the entire Muzaffarabad division is standing, from Bhambar to Tau Butt we are one. I can cut my neck but I will not sign it. Others. 

Speaking, the speakers said that the movement that started from Poonch has now become the voice of the entire Azad Kashmir, the Student Action Committee has created a new wave of awareness and now we have decided that all the schools of thought will join together in the entire Azad Kashmir. All political parties, civil society, businessmen, and lawyers will run the movement to save the state, whose only one-point agenda will be the partition of Kashmir, the fifteenth amendment, and tourism authority.

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Epaper 24-09-2022