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Hattian Bala: Brother killed his Younger brother by hitting him with a hammer

Hattian Bala (Bureauport) The murderer of the youth killed by Hammer in Langla area of ​​Hattian Bala is his real brother.

According to the details and Hattian Bala News reports, a few days ago, the body of Ziaul Hasan, a resident of Langla village, was found tied with a rope from the back side of his house. After the completion of the investigation.

SHO City Hattian Bala Manzar Hussain Chaghatai, while solving the mystery of the blind murder, arrested the real brother of the deceased, the killer Gul Hasan Chishti son of Muhammad Hasan Khan and kept him in custody.

Who killed his brother by hitting him with a hammer for a minor bitter remark. The public congratulates and pays tribute to SHO City Manzar Hussain Chaghatai and other staff for tracking the fifth blind murder of this year in a few days.

He said that if the police investigates and investigates with honesty and integrity in the same way If actions are taken against the professional elements, it is possible to eliminate crimes from the entire Jhelum Valley district in a few weeks.

He says that the impartial investigation of the narcotic injection case is going on, the accused are on interim bail, God willing, the people of Jhelum Valley, especially Chinari and its surroundings will clearly feel the progress in the case of narcotic injection, the police is involved in drug dealing, God willing.

She will leave no stone unturned to save the young generation of Jhelum Valley by eradicating drug addicts.

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