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Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission has issued a code of conduct for the appointment of election agents and polling agents and for polling agents in connection with local body elections 2022 – Chinar Kashmir News


Muzaffarabad (PID) 08 November 2022
The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission has issued a code of conduct for the appointment of election agents and polling agents and polling agents in connection with local body elections 2022. According to rule 24 of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Local Government Act 1990 and Rules 1983, the candidates participating in the local elections 2022 can appoint any such person as their election agent and polling agent. If it is intended to cancel the appointment of the election agent in case of death of the election agent or for any other reason, appoint another person as the election agent by informing the returning officer in writing. Can be done. While appointing an Election Agent, the candidate shall inform the Returning Officer in writing about his/her personal name/parentage and address. Candidates participating in the municipal elections can appoint their polling agent for each polling station before the polling starts. The written notification of which will be given to the Returning Officer and the Presiding Officer. Agent may cancel appointment with immediate notice It will be given to the Returning Officer and the Presiding Officer, however, the Returning Officer and the Presiding Officer have the power to accept the appointment of a polling agent or not. In such case, the candidates shall appoint another person as their polling agent. If the agent is found guilty of any corruption, the presiding officer may by his summary order remove him from the polling station. The polling agent shall represent the candidate only during the polling. The agent will sign on behalf of his candidate. The candidate can also be a polling agent himself. It is not necessary for a polling agent to be a voter of the respective ward. In the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission for polling agents, it is said that They should be aware of the electoral process, related rules and Familiarize yourself with the code of conduct so that there is no difficulty in performing your duties at the polling station. Authorization letter, badge and original national identity card issued by In which his name, the name of the candidate, his National Identity Card number, the number and name of the ward and the number and name of the polling station are written and this badge will not reflect the party of the candidate in any case. Polling Agent Polling shall not solicit any voter within 400 meters inside or outside the station to vote for his candidate. Before the commencement of polling, when the presiding officer inspects the empty ballot box, the polling agent should First inspect the ballot box and sign it and place your thumb mark in front of it. S may object on the ground that he has already voted at the same or any other polling station or that the person is not the voter whose name appears in the electoral roll. The polling agent should, after satisfying himself fully, bring the matter to the notice of the presiding officer and undertake before the presiding officer that he will prove it in the court. For every such objection the polling agent shall submit a fee of Rs.05 (receipt) to the presiding officer. The polling agent shall object only to a person whom he is reasonably sure is not a genuine voter. Objection to every voter without any reason will be completely avoided, because in this way the election process may be obstructed which will not be allowed. If the polling agent sees any irregularity in a polling station, he must raise his objection on it, but it is necessary for the polling agent to present his objection in a calm and polite manner. The law allows visually impaired and other disabled persons to bring a companion inside the polling booth to help them mark the ballot paper. However, the law further states: That the candidate, election agent or polling agent cannot accompany the voter to assist him. Therefore, the polling agent shall not object to such assistance of the voter. shall not interfere in any way in the performance of the official affairs of the polling agent or cause any obstruction in its work. No violence of any kind will be tolerated. The polling agent is required to respect the women voters and not create any situation due to which the women voters will face any difficulty in casting their vote. If the officer calls aloud the number and name of a voter in the electoral roll, the polling agent shall be bound to listen attentively. That he should delete the name of the voter from the copy of his electoral roll. The polling agents shall not in any way create a situation which may obstruct the election process or cause a problem of law and order at the polling station. Mandatory shall maintain the secrecy of vote and shall not at any cost assist in any process affecting the secrecy of vote.
(16). According to the law, the presiding officer may, if he deems it necessary, recount the votes on his own initiative or on the request of the election candidate, election agent or polling agent, the polling agent shall not obstruct the same. However, the presiding officer has the authority to recount only once. Therefore, if the presiding officer conducts a recount once, the polling agent will not insist on further counting. (Statement of Count) and Form No. XX (Ballot Paper Account). The Polling Agent must obtain a copy of Form No. XVII (Statement of Count) and Form No. XX (Ballot Paper Account) from the Presiding Officer and submit it in The Polling Agent shall also sign Form No.XIII (Tender Vote List) and Form No.XIV (Challenged Vote List) on the request of the Presiding Officer. The polling agent may also put his seal on the envelopes prepared and sealed by the presiding officer if he so wishes. will make other baseless accusations. The presiding officer is bound to conduct the polling process at the polling station in accordance with the law. Therefore, the polling agent shall completely avoid unnecessary interference in the affairs of the presiding officer. This has been stated by the Secretary Election Commission (spokesman) in a press release.

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