Thursday, September 29, 2022

Eight out of 100 prisoners in India await trial: Report

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New Delhi: A report has said that out of every ten prisoners in Delhi’s jails, nine cases are pending, which is 91% of the prisoners in the jails of the Indian capital.

According to Azadi Times News Network, the India Justice Report (IJR) states that out of 5.54 lakh prisoners in India, 4.27 lakh cases are pending. The report said that except for Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Tripura. The number of undertrial prisoners in all other Indian states is more than 60%. The report said that 91% of prisoners in Delhi’s jails have cases under trial, that is, out of every 10. 9 inmates are awaiting adjudication of their cases.

A recently released report based on the Prisoners Statistics India 2021 analysis states that 24,033 under-trial prisoners have been in jail for three to five years. While 11,490 have been in jail for more than five years. The number of such prisoners is the highest in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The report said that 21.08 percent of the undertrial prisoners in India belong to Scheduled Castes.

And 9.88 percent belong to Scheduled Tribes, and 18 percent are Muslims. The report said that the number of prisoners in prisons has also increased from 120% to 130%.

This means that there are 5,54,034 inmates in the jails, which is almost one lakh more than their capacity of 4,25,609.

The report said that the start of the second wave of the Corona epidemic and to limit the arrests and reduce the number of inmates in the jails. Between March and July, only 93,526 prisoners released in 17 states and union territories following the directive.

Yet, as of December 2021, nineteen out of thirty-six states and union territories overcrowded, including all More than 185% were in Uttarakhand while Rajasthan had 100.


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