Thursday, October 6, 2022

New restrictions imposed on employees in Azad Kashmir


Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times News) A notification has been issued by the government of Azad Kashmir regarding the implementation of the orders of the Prime Minister, in which it has been said that the government employees are not implementing the orders of the Prime Minister, most of the employees They do not adhere to office hours, come to the office late and remain absent from duty during office hours without the permission of the competent authority. 

Heads of Departments will ensure all the offices of Azad Kashmir, attendance of government employees throughout the day, and compliance with office hours, in addition to ensuring compliance office hours, under the prevailing law against officers and officials who do not adhere to the prescribed hours by the government. Actions will be taken, government affairs should be carried out according to the Servants Act, and in the future, all government employees should avoid direct meetings with the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir without the permission of the concerned head of the department. 

In a meeting in an institution or department If it is necessary to join or meet with the higher authorities, it will be necessary to obtain formal written permission from your superior officer, and after attending the meeting, you will be obliged to submit a brief report on the matters discussed to the authorized officer immediately. Strict adherence to these orders has been urged in the circular.

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