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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Political riots started in Jhelum Valley Hattian Bala district, hundreds of candidates came to participate in the local body elections.


In the Jhelum Valley Hattian Bala district, political chaos started, hundreds of candidates came to participate in the local body elections in the form of rallies. The candidates showed their own show of power. IK candidate Union Council Nadjian Chaudhry Abdul Jabbar Advocate took the rally from Nadjian in which a large number of people from all wards of Union Council Nadjian and from every community participated Faisal Nazir Javed from Union Council Goharabad in the form of a huge rally He brought his nomination papers to submit his nomination papers which was welcomed by his opponent candidate Asad Arshad Chaghatai Advocate and met his opponent with warm enthusiasm but shouted slogans in favor of young Faisal Nazir Javed. Faisal Nazir Javed along with hundreds of his supporters submitted their nomination papers, Returning Officer Additional District Cut and Sessions Judge Hattian Bala Ayaz Bashir. To the sheikh Before them, Chaudhry Abdul Jabbar Advocate, Abdul Rashid Mughal, Subedar Retired Chaudhry Muhammad Ishaq from Chham Sharqi, Syed Sagheer Kazmi, Gahl Jabra, Asif Iqbal Mughal submitted their nomination papers from Union Council Langla, Chaudhry Tanveer Yusuf from Ward Dara, Ward Dara. Ghulam Fareed Chaghtai from Batangi submitted nomination papers to Returning Officer Syeda Mehwish Kazmi Senior Civil Judge Hattian Bala Pakistan PPP candidate for Union Council Chanari, Chaudhry Muhammad Manzoor, Chaudhry Zubair Ahmed, PPP candidate from Union Council Khulana. Muhammad Manzoor Phalut Ward Nain Sukh Falati Ward Anisur Rehman, Bandi Bala Ward Muhammad Khizr Hayat submitted nomination papers for the Local Council, Union Council Langla Ward Banau Muhammad Faris from Ward Kakkarwara Syed Rizwan Ali Naqvi submitted nomination papers. Apart from that, dozens of candidates from constituency number 6 and constituency number 7 have submitted their nomination papers. was with

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