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Epaper 24-11-2022

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The murder of a young man in the suburbs of Hattian Bala, SHO City Manzar Chaghatai registered a case and started the investigation – Chinar Kashmir News


Hattian Bala (Bureau Report) A poor young man living in Langla, a suburb of Hattian Bala, was killed for unknown reasons. After the murder, the unknown killer left the body on the back side of the house and disappeared, according to the complaint of the deceased’s real brother, SHO City Police Station Hattian. Above, Hussain Chaghatai registered a case of murder, after conducting an autopsy at the District Headquarters Hospital, Hattian Bala, referred the body to the next of kin. The son of Muhammad Hasan Khan, in the application given to the city police station, Hattian Bala, took a stand that the younger brother of the questioner, Zia-ul-Rehman, was employed in the nursery, Langla, who left home after having breakfast in the morning for his duty, and did not come home to eat that day. But the questioner’s mother went to the nursery and looked for Zia-ul-Rehman, but he was not found. The mother returned home. The second brother of the questioner, Gul Hassan, was at home, while Zameer-ul-Hassan had gone to a funeral. The family continued to search for the questioner’s village transformer until the evening. When the questioner came back home in the evening, brother K He was reported missing. I also searched a lot but could not find anything. At about 7:30 in the evening, my sister went to the back side of the house. My brother was lying dead with a rope noose around his neck and a rope. The questioner’s brother was killed by unknown persons. On the request of the brother of the victim, SHO City Police Station Hattian Bala Manzar Hussain Chaghtai registered a case under Section 302 of the APC. On the other hand, after performing the funeral prayer of the young man in his native village Langla, he was buried in the local cemetery. What is the matter that the police should complete the immediate investigation and bring the real facts to the public.

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