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Epaper 24-11-2022

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The people have a rare opportunity to take the past account in the local body elections. The people should not waste this opportunity at all. Do not be afraid of past accounts. Former Assembly candidate Abdul Khalil Mughal – Chinar Kashmir News


Former Assembly Constituency No. 6 District Jhelum Valley Hattian Bala Abdul Khalil Mughal while speaking at the District Press Club Hattian Bala said that the political parties are bringing forward those who have embezzled funds and schemes in the past by changing their appearance as candidates in the municipal elections. The people will reject the candidates of the political parties in the local body elections. The people will succeed the independent candidates throughout Azad Kashmir. Those who have been robbing the people’s rights for 76 years will once again play the drama of becoming the people’s messiah with the agenda of their respective political parties. People will send these dramatists home on the strength of their vote. I congratulate the neighboring district of Bagh, which has been pushed by problems and difficulties, who elected its new representative in every election campaign, continued the journey of development and prosperity. Oh Due to which the problems of the nation are being solved at their doorsteps and our people will continue to make demands, he appealed to the Chief Election Commission to hold accountable the scammers who have embezzled the funds of public projects in the past. Local Government Department. After 31 years, the Supreme Court of Azad Kashmir restored the local government system and gave the people their basic right. Now they will choose their own representatives. Transparency in the election. Leadership will come forward, heredity will end and young leadership will emerge for the Legislative Assembly, the cycle of office rotation will stop. The people have a rare opportunity, the people should not waste this opportunity at all

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