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United Nations Resolutions On State Jammu And Kashmir

In this column i will tell you United Nation Resolutions On State Jammu Kashmir, what is the First Resolution On Kashmir Issue, UN, First Resolution was in the favor of Kashmir People and for State Jammu Kashmir,

United Nation Resolutions On State Jammu Kashmir 

   You may have heard that the Kashmir issue will be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions and you may have supported this position and you should do so but you know what the UN resolutions were and the decision taken by the UN Security Council. What was it? In fact, when the issue of the state of Jammu and Kashmir was raised in the United Nations, what was the written decision issued by the United Nations on August 13, 1948? In fact, many Kashmiri people do not know yet

 In fact, the decision made by the United Nations was it in favor of Pakistan or was it in favor of India?In fact, the United Nations made this decision on the basis of justice at that time. What are the important points that will be written in this decision? Number one: The ceasefire that was being fought in Kashmir at that time between the armies of India and Pakistan was being fired. And civilians were dying in the fighting. That’s why the United Nations was the first to order a ceasefire. Pakistan and India were ordered to withdraw all their troops from Jammu and Kashmir. If both the countries withdraw their troops from Kashmir, the UN peacekeeping force will remain in control of Kashmir for five years, after which their position will be taken from the Kashmiri people. 
With or they want to be free when the UN announced this decision then the government of Pakistan look at this decision The decision was taken and the government of Pakistan refused to accept this decision and the United Nations was told that this is a matter between India and Pakistan and we will resolve this issue between them. At that time Pakistan also refused this option. In which it was written that if Kashmiri people  want to be free then they can stay. 
   We Kashmiri people see India and Pakistan as equals because Kashmiri people live in Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir and also Kashmiris in Pakistan administered Kashmir Kashmiri people are understanding this issue. It is not a matter of two religions. It is not a matter of Hindus and Muslims. It is a matter of life of 20 million Kashmiri peoples. We urge both the countries to abide by the same UN resolution and give the Kashmiri people their rights.

See UN Security Council below.

UN Resolutions on Jammu And Kashmir

What you say about Kashmir Issue and about the Cause of the People Of Jammu Kashmir, tell us in comment section.


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