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How to build your website? And most importantly – why? – Devices and Internet – Opinion Atif Maqbool Voice

The website building is currently being revived. It has become fashionable on your own page. This is how it appears in the media or in the newspaper. And really – from any computer about which you enter the desired address – and here, please look at the results of your design flight, how much you want; that’s all, progress is still Does not last, and we see the results of the most successful decisions; these examples encourage site creation, and we are now looking for information on how to create a site. 

After a search engine query, we come across a number of sites that provide space for a page, as well as hosting paid companies. Great – the first step has been taken. In addition, we see that there are many designers, editors, page component builders and other useful software for page design on the Internet. 

Of course most of us choose free hosting. And rightly so, for starters, it doesn’t matter much. Next we get to the constructor, create the first index file in it. HTML – And now we already have our own site. At this point, explicit “web idlers” are eliminated.


The designer has pages stuck together. They can have photo albums, retries, notes, guestbooks – in short, anything that can be shown to interested people.

It’s a very simple language, even in a week it is mastered by a “tipot” – of course, not completely, but enough to be able to write a program in the editor. Why is it needed? The fact is that designers, as a rule, do not have the flexibility and are configured primarily to solve common problems. Each of them has “white spots”. 

In addition, the designer often “slips” the code arbitrarily – according to a strict template, and is therefore reinsured. There are also many who specialize in HTML. Surprisingly, many of them already consider themselves so advanced web programmers that they are already trying to teach web design to others! After that CSS (flickering) Style sheets) is useful to master. 

These tables make page layout much easier. You can put them in a separate file, which means all or many pages of your site. The possibilities for CSS are vast. Styles include various filters that allow you to work with images and text. CSS, although primarily a part of HTML, is still considered separately, as most people who have learned the basics of HTML have a very high level of understanding of style sheets.

It’s nice to learn programming, “scripting” programming languages ​​to make the page dynamic and interactive. Most JavaScript is used, although VBScript is possible. Scripts have a lot of features, but the main thing they provide is simple detection and processing of events and simple animation on the web page.

 Here you can already create a page on which a cockroach crawls behind the cursor, and when you try to click on them the buttons disappear or escape. It is at least nice to know that Pages look “more professional”. If you want to go further, you need to learn CGI programming (PHP or Perl), and so on. But the fact is that free hosting will support these functions, and to master PHP you already need to delve deeper into programming; in principle, in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Mastering will make you a designer, not a designer. The designer works with graphic programs and has very different concerns; what about user pages? Basically, these “hamsters” (from the home page) are sleeping dead. They are usually made and forgotten about. But creating a site is the first step in a long journey. It’s good if you think you’re not doing a work of art that the whole world appreciates, but just a page that no one will go to until you ask. If you still decide to create a visited and popular page – you need to read more seriously than reading articles on pages 2-4. After half a year, you will already be able to write something serious

If you just want to keep your files somewhere, so as not to take a flash drive or send photos and files via mail, you can also create a page using the template. But it would be a big mistake to think that you will make any progress in web programming, not to mention web design. 

In principle, this can be achieved by placing the files in the mailbox, and leaving the username and password.

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