Monday, September 26, 2022

What is WordPress, why, how? WordPress compelete details

 WordPress is a popular CMS or Content Management System system, in simple words you can think of it as a software through which we can create websites, easily manage and update them. 

Many newcomers consider WordPress to be a blogging tool, as it was in the beginning but over time WordPress has changed so much that a large number of websites online today use the same CMS. Are made. The blog you are reading on this post is also a WordPress blog created using various WordPress plugins and themes. Numerous blogs, e-commerce websites, business websites, government websites and websites of various organizations and individuals are currently running on WordPress in the world. 

Why use WordPress? 

The biggest reason behind the popularity of WordPress. It has to be open source and free, open source is the name of freedom and choice. Anyone can go to the WordPress website and download and install this CMS on their server, the code of this CMS is also available online. It is very easy to use and learn, there are numerous tutorials available on Google and YouTube with the help of which it can be easily learned. There are also many professional courses on Skill Share which discuss various aspects of it. Inshallah tutorials will be published on this website very soon. Numerous free themes and plugins for WordPress. There are a number of websites that can be used to easily create any type of website, as well as a number of paid themes and plugins that can be used for a small fee. WordPress is considered Google friendly, meaning it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. It is a self-protecting CMS but its security can be multiplied by using different plugins and techniques. 

How about WordPress? 

As I mentioned earlier, all kinds of websites can be easily created with the help of WordPress. Can go Whether you want to create a blog or an e-commerce website, a school website or a mosque website, all kinds of websites can be created easily and conveniently in WordPress. 

All you need is hosting and domain, if you ask me about good hosting I would suggest Site Ground. This is an international, trusted and secure web hosting company and many of my websites are running on their hosts. 

By doing this you can install WordPress with one click. If you have a problem at any stage, you can ask in the comments below.

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