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How much was the personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s richest head of state?

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was considered to be one of the richest heads of state in the world / Photofile

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign spanned more than 70 years, the longest reign of any monarch in British history.

Before Elizabeth II, the record for longest reign in Great Britain was established by Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria’s reign ended in 1901 and she was on the throne for 63 years, seven months and two days. 15 Prime Ministers changed in Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was one of the richest heads of state in the world, her personal fortune was 50 million dollars, which will now be assigned to King Charles.

The British royal family is worth $28 billion. Queen Elizabeth was 96 years old and was the world’s oldest head of state and the oldest royal ruler, more than Elizabeth II globally. Only two monarchs have reigned, one being Louis XIV of France who reigned for more than 72 years from 1643 to 1715.

The other was Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died in October 2016 after ruling for 70 years and four months. .

The British Queen has traveled to more than 100 countries since 1952, also a record for royal visits by a British monarch. In the past 70 years, Queen Elizabeth has made more than 150 visits to the member countries of the British Commonwealth.

Elizabeth II visited Canada 22 times, which is more than any other country. In Europe, she made the most visits to France, the number of which is 13. The British Queen also spoke French fluently. The one-year-old Queen Elizabeth stopped traveling abroad in November 2015, according to the Telegraph newspaper, by which time she had traveled to so many countries that it was equivalent to circumnavigating the globe 42 times.

Queen Elizabeth’s longest foreign trip was 168 days, during which she visited 13 countries between November 1953 and May 1954.

As the British head of state, Elizabeth II attended about 21,000 events, had the honor of giving royal assent to 4,000 laws and hosted 112 visits to Britain by heads of state and government from other countries.

During the reign of the Queen, 15 Prime Ministers have headed the country’s government in London.

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