Saturday, October 1, 2022

Prince Andrew will look after Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dogs

This is a January 2022 photo/AFP Photo

Queen Elizabeth II’s pet dogs will now be under the care of her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife.

A British Broadcasting Corporation Reports According to the Duke of York, Prince Andrew and Duchess of York Sarah will adopt 2 of Queen Elizabeth II’s cougars (a type of dog from Wales).

Prince Andrew and his daughters gave the dogs to the Queen as a gift in 2021.

During her lifetime, the Queen bred more than 30 cougars and dorgis.

Sources close to Prince Andrew said the cougars will return to the Duke and Duchess at the Royal Lodge, where they were presented to the Queen.

Royal Lodge is the name of a mansion on the Windsor estate that is home to Prince Andrew and his ex-wife.

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