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Azad Jammu and Kashmir Youth Summit 2023 to Be Held in Muzaffarabad

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Muzaffarabad, (Azadi Times) – The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Youth Summit 2023 is set to take place in Muzaffarabad on November 27, during which the Youth Policy will be announced.

Recognizing the invaluable asset that the youth represent for any state, experts and representatives from various organizations, including UNFP, will participate in the summit.

Media is expected to provide extensive coverage of this significant event. Speaking at a press conference, Secretary Youth, Culture, and Sports, Madhat Shahzad, and Director-General Tourism, Chaudhry Mehrban, highlighted the importance of investing in the better education and guidance of the youth.

They emphasized the participation of experts in the summit, including four sessions where the opinions of the youth will be considered to formulate the policy.

The experts at the summit will provide guidance to the youth in the best possible manner. They acknowledged that unemployment is the biggest challenge in the state and stressed the need for the youth to shift towards educational and skill-building initiatives.

Skill empowerment is crucial at the national and international levels. The officials emphasized the need to create policies that focus on skill development and provide capital.

Furthermore, they mentioned the availability of excellent opportunities in various fields, such as IT, tourism, and hydropower, in the state. The media was recognized as a crucial partner in ensuring comprehensive coverage of the summit.

In attendance at the press conference were Sardar Liaqat Ali, Director Youth and Culture, Muhammad Bashir Marza, Director Information, and Rabia Naqvi, Deputy Secretary Sports.

The Youth Summit is expected to pave the way for strategic policies that address the challenges faced by the youth and create opportunities for their growth and development.

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