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NewsAzad Kashmir: Tensions Spike as Government Deploys Pakistani Police

Azad Kashmir: Tensions Spike as Government Deploys Pakistani Police

Muzaffarabad: Chief of the Jammu Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee (JKJAAC) Muzaffarabad branch, has declared protests against the deployment of Frontier Corps (FC) and Punjab Constabulary in Azad Jammu and Kashmir by AJK government.

Mir took to social media to announce a rally scheduled for May 6.

The Committee has forwarded a formal message to the Government of Azad Kashmir, urging the dispatch of Pakitani police (FC&PC) forces to Azad Kashmir in anticipation of ongoing protests and a long march planned for May 11.

The long-standing grievances of Jammu Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee, including demands for basic human rights, subsidies on electricity bills, and essential commodities, have fueled discontent among the populace, prompting the Committee’s decision to stage the protests.

However, the response from the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government, advocating the deployment of Pakistani troops to manage the protests, has sparked tensions within the region.

The decision has been met with condemnation from various political parties and leaders, including the Jammu Kashmir Bar Council, who view it as an infringement on civil liberties and an excessive use of force.

The announcement of the Jammu Kashmir Joint Action Committee’s long march towards the Jammu Kashmir Assembly has further intensified the political landscape, with concerns raised over the potential for escalation in the already volatile region.

The AJK Government’s decision to handle the protests through force has drawn criticism, with calls for a more diplomatic resolution to address the underlying grievances.

As tensions escalate, all eyes remain on the evolving situation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, with stakeholders closely monitoring developments amid concerns of further unrest.

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