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Dadyal News, Headlines & Latest UpdatesAzad Kashmir: Violent Clashes Between Police and Protesters Leave Dozens Injured

Azad Kashmir: Violent Clashes Between Police and Protesters Leave Dozens Injured

Muzaffarabad: Theconfrontations between law enforcement and demonstrators escalated into a scene of chaos, resulting in numerous casualties in Dadyal.

The clash, which unfolded amidst escalating tensions, saw nearly 30 police officers, including several critically wounded, rushed to THQ Hospital Dadyal for urgent medical attention.

Reports indicate that amid the fray, minor injuries sustained by police personnel were swiftly addressed at the local police station. Emergency services were swiftly deployed, with two ambulances ferrying casualties to the district headquarters hospital.

A state of emergency was promptly declared at the hospital to streamline medical assistance to the injured, with dedicated medical staff working tirelessly to provide aid to those affected.

Dr. Nadeem Fazaldad, the Medical Superintendent of THQ Hospital Dadyal, assumed direct oversight of all medical procedures, ensuring swift and efficient treatment for the wounded.

Meanwhile, the toll of the clashes extended beyond law enforcement, with numerous civilians reported injured during the violent exchanges.

Among the injured were high-ranking officials, including Deputy Commissioner Dadyal Sardar Rizwan Latif, SP Khawar Kotli, DSP Dadyal Chaudhry Anser, and SHO Ameer Farooq, all of whom sustained severe injuries and were promptly transferred to THQ Hospital Dadyal for urgent medical care.

Furthermore, in an effort to address the gravity of the situation, one police officer was airlifted to Mirpur for specialized treatment, underscoring the severity of the injuries sustained during the clashes.

The incident underscores the volatile nature of the ongoing protests and the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public order amidst heightened tensions. Authorities have vowed to investigate the incident thoroughly while urging for calm and restraint from all parties involved.

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