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Azad Kasmir PPP leader demands bridges in Khilana Valley


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Hattian Bala, June 16, 2023: Sahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar Advocate, Central Senior Vice President of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Azad Kashmir, has demanded that the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Chaudhry Anwar Haq, immediately meet the legitimate demands of the people of Khilana Valley.

Zafar said that the government should allocate funds for the construction of bridges on the rain drains of Khilana Valley. He said that the Prime Minister has been a member of the assembly for years, and he should answer the people as to why bridges were not constructed on the rain drains of Khilana Valley.

Zafar said that it is sad to say that in 2021, four members of the same family were martyred by being washed away in the Jinder Ben Nala, including innocent children. He said that he himself participated in the funeral of the victims. He asked why the promise made to the people of the area regarding bridges has not been fulfilled.

Zafar said that last month, the mother of Bari Behak village along with her innocent daughter was washed away in the canal. He asked how long the people will bear it. He said that there is a limit to tolerance.

Zafar said that as a candidate for the Assembly, he can raise his voice for the rights of the people in various forums. He said that he can fight for the protection of their rights, and he can stand with the people. However, he said that providing funds for the projects is the authority of the elected members of the Assembly.

Zafar said that the government has been in power for 16 years, and it is its responsibility to build bridges in Khilana Valley. He asked why the bridge could not be built for such a long time.

Zafar said that even during the PPP regime, Raja Farooq Haider Khan was a member of the Assembly. He said that he was able to get a modern ambulance, a health center, and two middle schools for Khilana Valley. He said that he did what was possible for him, even though he did not have the powers of a member of the assembly.

Zafar said that he assured the people of Khilana Valley that he will stand by their side in every forum. He said that he will stand with the people for the rights of the people. He said that there will be people, and there will be politics. He said that politics is with the people, and it is impossible to politicize them. He said that he is answerable to the people, and he is ready to answer to the people.

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