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NewsChairperson of Khan of Mong Foundation Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Palestine

Chairperson of Khan of Mong Foundation Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Palestine

Muzaffarabad, (Azadi Times) November 15, 2023 – Khan of Ming Foundation’s Chairperson, Khola Khan, has expressed deep concern over the ongoing human rights violations in Palestine, particularly the indiscriminate killings by Israel.

In a statement, she emphasized the need for international intervention, urging the United Nations to play a decisive role in halting Israel’s aggressive actions.

Addressing the alarming situation in Palestine, Khola Khan condemned Israel’s hostility, stating that the expansionist agenda poses a severe threat to international peace.

If Israel’s aggression goes unchecked, it could lead to a global conflict. The Palestinian territory continues to witness severe human rights abuses, with thousands of Palestinians having lost their lives. Hospitals, too, have become targets in Israeli bombings, and the people of Gaza remain trapped, facing immense challenges.

Khola Khan called upon the international community, especially the Islamic world, to take effective measures against Israel’s acts of terror and adopt robust actions to prevent the widespread massacre of Palestinians.

She highlighted the need for immediate and impactful interventions to safeguard humanity from further suffering.

Commenting on Israel’s actions, Khola Khan denounced the targeting of innocent civilians, schools, and hospitals, labeling such acts as heinous war crimes.

The brutal history of Israel’s inhumane actions stands as an unprecedented example of barbarity. To date, thousands of Palestinians, including numerous children, have become victims of this ruthless aggression.

The situation in Gaza, where countless civilians have been under siege for weeks, reflects the worst form of human suffering.

Khola Khan expressed concern that, despite global condemnation and protests against Israel, the international community’s response falls short of restraining Israel from its atrocities.

Khola Khan warned that if the international community fails to halt Israel’s mass killing of Palestinians, the world might witness a third global war, with catastrophic consequences.

She emphasized that the dual standards of world powers are enabling Israel’s public massacre of Palestinians.

Protests and demonstrations against Israel are happening worldwide, but fascist Israel continues its genocidal actions unabated.

Khola Khan stressed the urgent need for the Islamic world to play a significant role against Israel’s crimes and adopt a decisive stance in support of free Palestine.

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