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District Neelum: Convict Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment and Rs 500,000 Fine for Rape


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Muzaffarabad – Neelam: (Azadi Times) In a landmark decision, the Sub-Divisional Court in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, sentenced the perpetrator of a rape case, Abid Hussain Shah, to twenty years in prison and a fine of Rs 500,000 approximately twenty years after the crime was committed.

The case involved the accused, a resident of Khari Gham, ShardaTehsil, Neelum, who faced charges of assault against a college student four years ago.

The accused, Abid Hussain Shah, was charged under FIR number 19/19, registered at Shardah Police Station, Neelum Valley, under sections 11/ZHA (3) 10 and 342/APC (3) 10.

He was accused of committing the crime against a student of Khwaja Siri Neelum residing in Government Boys College Shardah, where he forcibly abducted her at gunpoint after her college hours four years ago.

The Special Court comprising Hafiz Muhammad Farooq and Senior Civil Judge Chaudhry Muhammad Islam pronounced the verdict.

The convict was sentenced to ten years imprisonment under section 11/ZHA (3) 10 and a fine of Rs 20,000, and for the charge under section 342/APC, he received a one-month imprisonment sentence. The Court ordered an additional six months of imprisonment in case of non-payment of the fine.

This case is distinctive in Azad Kashmir’s history as the convict has been sentenced to serve his term in a well-known location in Muzaffarabad city.

The judgment comes after four years of hearings, following the registration of FIR 19/19 in the case. The accused, after committing the crime, escaped successfully, but the persistent legal proceedings eventually led to justice being served.

It’s noteworthy that the incident took place on July 30, 2019, when the perpetrator forcefully abducted the victim and subjected her to sexual assault.

Despite the victim’s resistance and raising an alarm, no one came to her rescue. The accused also attempted to ply the victim with alcohol and made efforts to rob her of her mobile phone and a gold ring.

The verdict reflects a crucial development in the pursuit of justice, sending a strong message about the commitment of the Azad Kashmir judiciary to protect the rights of the victims and ensure the punishment of the perpetrators.

The Court’s decision is anticipated to serve as a deterrent against such heinous crimes, promoting a safer environment for women in the region.”

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