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NewsFederal Interior Minister has given full assurance of providing forces for the security of local body elections: PM AJ&K

Federal Interior Minister has given full assurance of providing forces for the security of local body elections: PM AJ&K

The Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, Azad government has started reforms in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Police to solve the public order and security issues of the state in an effective manner.

Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, while approving the reform process to bring the various departments of the police in line with the modern requirements, has directed that separate divisions of cybercrime and CIA should be established.

CTD, patrolling police, tourism. Separate police units should be established for police, bomb disposal, scanning of VIP areas. 15. A separate directorate of police should be established. 15 The scope of the police should be extended to every tehsil.

The setup of 15 police in the district will be of DSP level. Forensic labs should be established in all three divisions of Azad Kashmir, so that crime investigation can be completed quickly. All major cities of Azad Kashmir should be made safe cities and all entry points should be monitored.

Online FIR filing procedure should be developed. A person who lodges a false FIR should be punished with one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5 lakh. The state will initiate prosecution against the person filing the false FIR.

The Prime Minister of the Independent Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, has directed the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and Inspector General of Police Azad Kashmir to establish emergency response force police units in all districts. A separate division of women police should be established in Azad Kashmir.

There will be a separate DIG and Additional Inspector General of Police for the affairs and management of Women Police. Female DSP officers should be appointed in all three divisions of Azad Kashmir.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir directed that a complete Foreigners Security Division be formed, which will be headed by an officer of DIG rank. SSG police personnel should be hired for the security of foreigners and the force of police SSG/commandos should be developed gradually.

External audit should be done on the petrol, uniform and purchase period of the police. Regular calendar of professional training of police employees should be issued. Scholarships should be kept for police employees.

He directed that the incentive of giving 2% of the amount of traffic challan to the traffic challan should be terminated and some other incentive should be suggested instead. The Prime Minister said that the role of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Police is key in terms of state security and public order. Azad Kashmir Police is facing problems in terms of administrative and police services provision due to lack of reforms in accordance with contemporary requirements for a long time.

The reforms have been approved for implementation. He said that there will be a separate DIG for police affairs of each division of Azad Kashmir, who will look after the affairs of that division. He directed that the police department and police stations should be provided with the necessary transport. SPs of districts should be given 5 Durgaris. The posts of Additional Inspector General Operations and Additional Inspector General Headquarters should be created.

Women police stations should be established in 6 major districts, the management and maintenance of each police station will be looked after by a woman officer of SP rank. go S and DSP traffic posts should be created for traffic matters in each district.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir directed that patrolling police should be established in Azad Kashmir so that the road patrolling process can be effective.

Mobile and static technical checking units should be set up in the Patrol Police to check vehicles. Cybercrime Division will be headed by DIG Cybercrime Security.

A separate setup of Tourism Police should be established headed by SP rank. Tourism police, separate from other regular police. Due to tourism opening in Azad Kashmir, 500 additional personnel should be raised. He directed that bomb disposal unit, separate police unit for scanning and monitoring of VIP area should be established under AIG security.

The setup should have a mechanism to hire retired army professionals who will be given equal rank to SSP. A full division of CTD should be established, headed by CTD DIG Police. A separate division of the CIA police should be created, with a separate SP and head of the CIA DIG.

There will be a CIA setup at each divisional headquarters, headed by a CIA DSP, while an inspector of inspector rank will be in charge of the CIA center in each district. He directed that DIG Police should be set up for the security of the President, Prime Minister and other VVIPs. DSP should be appointed for the security of the House.

The Chief Security Officers will handle the personal security of the President and the Prime Minister. Traffic Police, Rescue 15 Police and Emergency Response Force Police should be synchronized with SDMA so that sudden calamities and accidents are dealt with in a better manner.

The Prime Minister directed that the posts of the officers posted for a long time should be transferred along with the senior officers of the Azad Kashmir Police.

The local elections in Azad Kashmir after 31 years will be fair, transparent and impartial, on schedule as per schedule. Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan

The opposition is creating a state of anarchy and anxiety regarding local elections. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir

Local body elections will play an important role in changing the destiny of the people of the region, for which all arrangements have been completed.

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has given full assurance of providing security forces for election security. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas.

The services of Azad Kashmir Police, FC, Ranger, Punjab Police and Army will be taken for the local elections. The local elections will be held on the same day in the whole of Azad Kashmir. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan

The opposition is afraid of the local body elections that their political credibility will be damaged if the powers go to the lower level. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan

Those talking about FIR against me should know that the FIR will be against those who want to kill people on the mandate of the people. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir.

During Azad Kashmir Prime Minister’s visit to Mirpur, he interacted with the divisional and district administrative officers and various delegations at the rest house.

The opposition parties will not be allowed to run away from the field. I want to tell those who want to escape from the election under the pretext of security, providing security is the responsibility of the government and the Election Commission and the government is committed to holding the election.

When the preparations for the elections started, all the parties were on the same page regarding the elections. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan

In the All-Parties Conference, all the parties pushed the government to move the election forward by two months and reached the Supreme Court and got a relief of more than two months. Now there is no question of postponing the election. Azad Kashmir Prime Minister

Bringing no-confidence against the opposition is a democratic right which cannot be stopped by me nor do I want to stop, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir.

He who cannot walk with me will not be able to walk with anyone, Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan.

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