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Fire Breaks Out Suddenly in Leepa Valley Jungle

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In an unexpected turn of events, a fire erupted in the jungle of Leepa Valley, prompting swift action from the Forest Department.

To extinguish the blaze, the Forest Department personnel are heading to the Leepa Valley, and mosques are making announcements, urging the public to play their role in saving the jungle.

The Forest Department appeals to the community to actively participate in preventing the fire from spreading further. Officials warn that if the fire is not brought under control promptly, it may become increasingly difficult to extinguish, leading to severe damage to the jungle.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, and investigations are underway to uncover the reasons behind the sudden outbreak.

District Forest Officer of Jhelum Valley (Hattian Bala), in a statement, assures the public that the findings of the investigation will be shared with the community as soon as they are available.

Local authorities emphasize the critical role of timely intervention in combating the fire to prevent irreversible damage to the jungle ecosystem. Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any signs of additional fires promptly.

As the situation develops, the Forest Department and emergency services are collaborating to contain the fire and mitigate potential ecological consequences. The community’s cooperation is crucial in ensuring a swift and effective response to this unforeseen challenge in Valley Lepa Jungle.

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