Thursday, September 29, 2022

JK Awami Party’s president Liaqat Hayat arrested


(Protest at Rawalakot Pakistan-administered Kashmir)

RAWALAKOT – Central President Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party Sardar Liaquat Hayat has been arrested from Rawalakot without justification. 

Azadi Times: The police have taken him into custody. The police have accused him that Liaquat Hayat is the mastermind of the protests going on in Poonch for the past few days. 

A video of the arrest of Liaquat Hayat has also gone viral, in which police officers are seen talking to him, and on the occasion of the arrest, the citizens also condemned it.

Demonstrations of various political and social parties in Rawalakot, Khaigala Ali Sujal, Toli Peer, for the release of Liaquat Hayat. 

Remember that Liaquat Hayat was arrested several times before, but despite public pressure, the administration could not keep him in their possession, the reason for the protests. to Ali Sujal Kahota Bagh Rawalkot Road has been closed.

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