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Latif Akbar and Farooq Haider’s corruption has exposed: Zeeshan Haider

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MUZAFFARABAD: Latif Akbar and Farooq Haider are concessional passes. Based on corruption and nepotism, this nexus has been exposed and disrespected.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas has full confidence of the people of Azad Kashmir, Assembly Members and Chairman Imran Khan.
No kind of blackmail will be accepted.

If they pretend to do any kind of mischief, not only will it be impossible for them to walk, but it will be difficult to leave their homes. Our patience should not be considered as weakness, one brick will be answered with two stones.

These views were expressed by the former assembly candidate and central leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Syed Zeeshan Haider while talking to the journalists in the Central House of Journalism.

He further said that there is no big ground in Muzaffarabad city where followers of Imran Khan can rest. Imran Khan’s rally on September 29 in Muzaffarabad will be the biggest rally in the history of Azad Kashmir.

Latif Akbar and PPP people are in a panic. Any kind of illegal and unethical action will be fully answered. If the PPP people do not stop, they will be answered with stones.

Zeeshan Haider added that when the former Prime Minister Chaudhry Majeed was called a mountain goat, we opposed this action even then and now when once again a few rascals have started talking nonsense against the elected Prime Minister of the state on the behalf of Zakwat Khor Latif Akbar. If you do, there will be a very severe reaction.

He said that our entire focus is on local body elections and assembly. The corrupt opposition will be responsible for the deterioration of the situation.


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