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Safety Concerns Rise as Loose High Voltage Lines Pose Threat in Muzaffarabad – Urgent Action Demanded


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Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times): Blatant negligence by the officers of the Electricity Department has raised serious safety concerns in the Billa Noor Shah area.

Despite the passage of twelve days, the high voltage lines continue to remain improperly secured, posing a potential hazard of any untoward incident due to the sagging of these lines, particularly in proximity to roofs and trees.

Chief Engineer, Muzaffarabad Division, Billa Noor Shah, has taken notice of the laxity in securing the high voltage lines passing over the densely populated areas. Immediate action is required to rectify the slackening of the lines, removing them from roofs, and elevating the poles.

The sagging of the lines, coupled with the decayed wooden supports on the poles, increases the risk of the lines falling onto rooftops and streets at any moment.

Local, political, social, and business circles in Billa Noor Shah have urgently demanded that the responsible authorities in the Electricity Department address this pressing issue promptly and implement necessary measures to ensure the safety of the residents in the area.

The community is seeking immediate intervention to resolve this impending threat, highlighting the potential dangers posed by the loosely hanging high-voltage lines in the city.

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