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NewsNot against tourism and industrial development: Farooq Haider

Not against tourism and industrial development: Farooq Haider

Bagh: Azad Kashmir Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and Central Vice President of Muslim League-N Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that Kashmir is not for sale.

Azad Kashmir will not be given to anyone, not opposed to tourism and industrial development, but the resources here are the property of the people, by God Almighty.

There is complete trust in the endowment of the law of Prophethood, no conspiracy can succeed, nor can anyone defeat. Allah Almighty has not put fear in the heart of anyone except Himself. The grace of this Lord is the leader. He is from Muslim League-N, blood and sweat are involved in making it, and they will make it stronger.

Addressing the grand reception held in the honor, Amir Hussain Shah, president of Muslim League-N Constituency Sharqi Bagh presided over the event.

While the former candidate for Assembly Ejaz Kathana Muhammad Shafiq Magre Parvez Chaghtai Ikram Kashar Malik Aftab Sabil Chaghtai Pervez Magre and Others also spoke before Raja Farooq Haider s When Vanj arrived at Melak.

He was welcomed by hundreds of people with the beating of drums and the workers chanting slogans in the form of a large procession.

Regarding the services of Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that when elected governments are removed and governments are formed by connecting them here and there, then the same situation will be what is happening in Azad Kashmir. I am afraid that the setup here should be closed.

People are talking. There are 40 million people, 100,000 employees are employed and this can be controlled by a DC. We should not leave Kashmiris alone. India should provide thousands of facilities in Occupied Kashmir.

But people’s honor is not safe there, people die for their honor, so I say that India and Pakistan cannot be seen as the same in the context of Kashmir, nor can they be the same in the eyes of Kashmiris. Don’t let anyone forget the sacrifices of Kashmiris We will do it.

The situation after August 5 demands a lot from us. Meanwhile, Raja Farooq Haider Khan attended the reception ceremony on behalf of former Director General of Local Government Sardar Gul Zaman in Bagh Shahr. He went to Raja Khurshid Alam’s residence to condole the death of his brother-in-law

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