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Opposition parties united to solve the problems of Khalana Valley

Jhelum ValleyOpposition parties united to solve the problems of Khalana Valley


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HATTIAN BALA: (Azadi Times) Cease fire line has been united by the opposition parties to solve all the problems of the Khalana Valley.

The decision of the ruling party to not be a part of any committee has been announced. Instead of solving the problems of the people, the lame government stuck them in the mire of problems, which is not acceptable in any case.

Subedar (retd) Nur Afsar Abdul Hafeez Abbasi Muhammad Waseem Abbasi Zeeshan Sagheer and others said that in previous governments there were not so many problems and conditions were not as bad as they are today.


The area is visible Green garden has been shown to the people for two years. Instead of solving the problems, the work is being done in an evasive manner by putting the light of the truck behind.

What problems should be mentioned? The participants of the meeting further said that now we will not fall under any deception of the ruling party.

The participants of the meeting further said that we trust the leadership of other opposition parties including Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Sahibzada Ashfaq Zafar, and Dr. Raja Muhammad Mushtaq Khan, and take every forum to solve the problems of the area.

But even if we have to raise our voices and do the strongest protest, we will not hesitate. We will not be fooled by the ruling party.

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