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Taliban Imposes Conditional Permission for Women to Work, Mandating Marriage as a Prerequisite

NewsTaliban Imposes Conditional Permission for Women to Work, Mandating Marriage as a Prerequisite

Muzaffarabad: In a recent development, the Taliban government in Afghanistan has granted conditional permission for women to engage in employment, with a significant caveat attached. According to reports from foreign media sources, the Taliban has outlined new conditions specifying that women seeking employment must be married.

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Officials from the Taliban have asserted that it is deemed inappropriate for unmarried women to be part of the workforce. Under these new directives, unmarried women desiring employment, particularly in the health sector, are required to get married to retain their jobs.

This development comes on the heels of earlier restrictions imposed by the Taliban government, which included a ban on women visiting beauty salons. Salon owners were given a one-month window to wind up their businesses in compliance with the directive.

In addition to limiting women’s employment opportunities, the Taliban authorities have also banned girls from pursuing higher education and participating in relief work. These stringent measures contribute to the broader framework of restrictions placed on women under the Taliban regime.

A notable aspect of the recent conditions is the requirement for women to be married in order to work, a move that has sparked concerns about individual freedoms and raises questions about the inclusivity of the Taliban’s governance. The imposition of such conditions reflects the ongoing challenges faced by women in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule.

Adding to the restrictions, the Taliban has enforced a prohibition on women traveling by air without a male guardian, further curtailing their mobility and independence.

As these new conditions come into effect, there is heightened scrutiny and international concern regarding the implications for the rights and opportunities of Afghan women. The evolving situation underscores the complex dynamics at play and the impact of policy decisions on the lives and aspirations of women in Afghanistan.

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