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NewsAJK LB elections are being held but we are participating in it as a protest: Farooq Haider

AJK LB elections are being held but we are participating in it as a protest: Farooq Haider

Hattian Bala: (Bureau Report) Former Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir State and Central Vice President of Muslim League-N Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that the worst financial crisis is on the horizon in Azad Kashmir and PTI is on the strength of money by abolishing the government of Muslim League-N.

I was imposed and its results are coming, in the next few months there will be no money to pay salaries, local elections are the soul of democracy, many things have not been corrected yet, but the field cannot be left open for the government, the Thirteenth Amendment.

The abolition plan failed as a result of public pressure and strong reaction, PML-N is my community and family, every member of it is respected by me, we have seen the result of not following the narrative of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan, now.

If we want to avoid further damage, we have to decide that Nawaz Sharif’s ideology is the last letter. Were. Former district president Farid Khan, Raja Aftab Ahmed Khan, Qazi Shamim, Liaqat Ali Awan, Mirza Asif, Malik Bashir, Muneeb Chikarvi, Syed Mukhtar Geelani, Tahir Israel, Sohail Nasir, Shami Pirzada, Khawaja Abdul Samad, Sajid Saeed, Umair Aftab Kayani and others spoke.

The consultation meeting took the form of a public meeting due to the participation of a large number of workers. On his arrival at the Nadol Cricket Stadium, Hattian Bala, the former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan was welcomed with enthusiastic slogans.

Workers and Muslim League officials from all the Union Councils and wards participated. Former Prime Minister Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan said that the election was defeated by the Muslim League-N from Azad Kashmir under a conspiracy, the consequences of which are being felt today.

If the government is incompetent, then the court works. We are absolutely not supporters of the intervention of the judiciary in administrative matters, but when the government does not do something, someone else has to do it.

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Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that it was my wish that we should hold the local body elections first, but we listened to the words of the parliamentary party on this matter, which is a pity, if we had held the local body elections, then it would have been difficult for us to defeat in the election. We are an empowered local body.

They want a system in which the elected representatives have the authority to make a budget for the development and improvement of their area and support the local government department. We are taking part in this as a protest.

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan said that local council and district council elections are held in municipal elections, which are mostly based on communities and tribes, but we have to fight these elections on party basis.

And our community and family is Muslim League-N, keep in mind that we have not succeeded any person or individual or community but the party. He said that I am grateful to the people of Jhelum Valley who have been with me for three decades without any compromise.

The interest is standing, the grandfather has passed away, the son is elderly, but he is with me, this People are my family, my clan, my respect, their love is the capital of love and sincerity of life, in every difficult time, they supported me and stood without any interest. Committees were formed for consensus among the workers.

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