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Wedding Ceremony Turns Tragic in Pulwama | Groom Flees on the Day of Nikkah, Father Arrested


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Srinagar, Azadi Times: In a shocking incident that left the community in disbelief, a groom fled on his wedding day in Oonti Pura, (Indian-administered Kashmir) leaving behind a baffled bride and her family, including a father with seven daughters. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police swiftly intervened, leading to the arrest of the groom’s father.

The sequence of events began when a written complaint was filed at the Oonti Pura Police Station on Tuesday. The complaint, lodged by the bride herself, identified the groom as Fiaz Ahmad Dar and his father as Mohammad Shaban Dar, both residents of Kund Zaal in Oonti Pura. According to the complaint, their marriage was scheduled for September 16.

Extensive arrangements had been made for the wedding, with the home adorned for the occasion and delicious meals prepared to serve the guests. A significant number of guests had gathered, and a sumptuous feast was laid out to honor the occasion. However, the groom’s abrupt disappearance on the wedding day cast a pall of gloom over the festivities, transforming the joyous occasion into a somber affair.

The bride and groom had solemnized their marriage four years ago, creating a history of prior commitment between them. Yet, on the day of the wedding, the groom mysteriously failed to arrive. The news of this incident quickly went viral on social media, eliciting a strong emotional response from the public, who expressed their anger and disappointment.

In response to the public outrage and to avoid any potential backlash, the groom’s family contacted the police to reveal that Fiaz Ahmad Dar had gone to the university, which had caused the delay. However, skepticism remained among the bride’s family, prompting them to report the matter to the police.

In the wake of the complaint, the police acted swiftly, registering a case under FIR/2023 182 (A) IPC and apprehending both the groom and his father. It was revealed that the marriage had been formalized 49 months prior to the scheduled wedding date.

Notably, this incident follows a similar occurrence involving another brother of the groom, who had undertaken a similar action by not attending the wedding ceremony. The reason for these mysterious actions by the groom and his family remains the subject of investigation.

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