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Protestors in Palandri Demand Release of Detained Kashmiri Leaders

Palandri: A large group of protesters from the Poonch division and Kotli

2 Min Read

Neelum Valley: Heroic Rescue Operation Recovers 8 Bodies from Neelum River

Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir - June 13, 2024: In a

2 Min Read

JKNAP Joint Conference Held at Galnawaz Butt’s Mausoleum in Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad, Jammu and Kashmir - a joint conference was convened at the

2 Min Read

JKAAC Planned Protest Across Poonch Division Against Unauthorized Arrests

Trarkhel: In response to the recent unauthorized arrests of senior member of

2 Min Read

Malawi’s Vice President’s Plane Reported Missing

Malawi's Vice President, Saolu Klaus, and ten others have gone missing after

1 Min Read

Protests Continues Against Arrests of Sardar Aman and Sardar Shabir in Azad Kashmir

Tararkhel, June 10 - An outcry against the violent attacks and arrests

1 Min Read

Search Continues for Missing Fisherman in Poonch River, Distressed Family Awaits Assistance

Kotli: On May 31, 2024, near the area of Narooch between Kotli

2 Min Read

Poet Ahmad Farhad Transferred to Jail After Conclusion of Remand

Muzaffarabad: Poet Ahmad Farhad was transferred to Rarah jail in Mazaffarabad following

1 Min Read

JKAAC’s Sardar Amman Kashmiri Arrested from Baloch Police Station

Rawalakot: Baloch Rawalakot police apprehended Sardar Aman Kashmiri and Sardar Shabbir from

2 Min Read

Chaos and Violence Char Bayar Festival as Political Exploitation Takes Center Stage

Rawalakot ( Azadi Times crosspondent) The Char Bayar Festival, typically a celebration

2 Min Read

Neelum Valley Accident: Vehicle Plunges into River, 3 Dead and Several Injured

Tragic Accident in Neelum Valley Claims Lives, Leaves Several Injured

1 Min Read

Mirpur Vow Protest in Response to Police Brutality

Residents of Mirpur are gearing up for a massive demonstration on June

2 Min Read

Exclusive Interview with Sardar Aman Kashmiri | A Leading Voice in the Azad Kashmir

Azadi Times crosspondent: In the Pakistan administered Kashmir, Azad Kashmir, one name

2 Min Read

Gilgit Baltistan Bearing Rock Inscriptions, a Hidden Archaeological Site

Danyore, Gilgit: Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Danyore Shireen Abad, lies

2 Min Read

Rawalakot: Controversy Over Electricity Bills Sparks Public Outrage in Azad Kashmir

Rawalakot, Asif Ashraf: The Electricity Department in Azad Kashmir has ignited widespread

3 Min Read