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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Retreat from the Spotlight Amid Media Scrutiny


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Following a highly active September that was marked by a flurry of public appearances and travel engagements, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have noticeably withdrawn from the public eye during the month of October.

Royal expert Aricia Skidmore, known for her insights on the Even the Royals podcast, suggests that this sudden shift in visibility could be attributed to a combination of reasons. While the couple might be seeking some much-needed respite after their intense schedule, there seems to be a more profound motive behind their recent reclusiveness.

“I believe their decision to maintain a low profile is more about avoiding the harsh glare of the media rather than a singular cause,” Skidmore shared with Daily Express US.

In the wake of criticism surrounding their consecutive travels, which sparked allegations of environmental hypocrisy in relation to their advocacy, Harry and Meghan seem to have opted for a strategic retreat from public attention.

The couple also faced a recent depiction in a less-than-favorable light on the scripted television show Family Guy. When asked about their potential reaction to the portrayal, Skidmore expressed her hope that the couple would not take it to heart.

“I hope they wouldn’t dignify it with a response. They must be aware that the media often spins narratives, and it’s crucial for them not to let it affect their well-being,” she added.

Ultimately, Skidmore wishes for Prince Harry and Meghan to maintain their resilience in the face of media pressures and to continue living their lives unencumbered by external opinions and portrayals.

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