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PIA’s Inaugural International Flight from Dubai Lands in Skardu


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GILGIT-BALTISTAN: (Azadi Times) Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has successfully operated its first international flight, PK 234, from Dubai to Skardu, (Pakistan Controlled)  marking a significant milestone. Following the flight’s arrival, Skardu has been designated as an international airport.

According to a private television channel, Dunya News, PIA will commence weekly flights from Dubai to Skardu starting this Saturday. These flights are expected to play a crucial role in promoting tourism in the northern regions of Pakistan. Travelers from Dubai can now directly reach Skardu in approximately 3 hours.

A grand ceremony was held at Skardu Airport to mark this occasion, with Chief Operating Officer (COO) PIA Air Vice Marshal Amir Hayat welcoming the passengers. High-ranking officials, as well as political and social personalities, were also present. The pilot proudly unfurled the flag of Pakistan upon landing.

The arrival of this flight has introduced Skardu to the world, allowing tourists to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Neelum Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. During the flight, travelers can also catch breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains. The stunning landscapes of Toba and Nanga Parbat are sure to captivate the tourists, creating unforgettable memories.

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