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Chief Justice of India calls for courts to draw inspiration from temple traditions

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Chief Justice of India, D.Y. Chandrachud’s visit to Rajkot in Gujarat on Saturday, January 6, has stirred curiosity.

Following a publicly reported temple visit, he delivered a message to district court judges, urging them to draw inspiration from the flags or dhwajas flown over temples.

According to The Sunday Express, he emphasized that these symbols bind “all of us together,” envisioning the “dhwaja of justice” flying for generations.

Reportedly inspired by the dhwaja atop Dwarka and the Somnath temple during his two-day stay in Gujarat, the Chief Justice highlighted the “universality of the tradition in our nation.”

He conveyed the presence of a “unifying force above all of us, as lawyers, as judges, as citizens.” While he acknowledged that this unifying force is rooted in “our humanity” and is “inspired by the life and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi,” he also mentioned his efforts to visit various states, understanding the challenges faced by the judiciary and working towards solutions.

Addressing a public meeting, Justice Chandrachud expressed being “moved” by the waste disposal system at the Somnath temple.

He urged courts in Gujarat to adopt a similar system.

The Prime Minister, endorsing his remarks, shared the Chief Justice’s speech on social media, appreciating his commendable effort to speak in Gujarati and connect with the people.

In summary, Chief Justice Chandrachud’s visit encompassed a reflection on the symbolism of temple flags, an emphasis on the universality of tradition, and an encouragement for the judiciary to draw inspiration from these cultural aspects.

His admiration for the waste disposal system at the Somnath temple and the subsequent endorsement by the Prime Minister further added significance to his visit.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Azadi Times staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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