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Sopore teenage student creates drug detector to fight substance abuse in Kashmir

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An 11th-grade medical student from Government Boys Higher Secondary School Bomai in Sopore, has devised a groundbreaking solution to address the prevalent issue of substance abuse in the region.

Misbah Sultani’s creation, the “Substance Abuse Detector,” is adept at identifying nicotine and other alcoholic substances, providing a proactive approach to tackle the pervasive problem.

Motivated by the alarming statistics from the Jammu Kashmir Police, which revealed 265 cases under the NDPS Act in 2023, leading to the arrest of 382 drug peddlers, including 75 considered “hard-core,” Misbah’s invention aims to shift from mere reaction to prevention.

Drawing inspiration from the Traffic Police’s Breath Alcohol Analyser, Misbah crafted a portable Alcohol and Smoking detector, envisioning its integration into vehicles.

This integration would prevent vehicles from starting if the driver has consumed something abusive.

His initiative stemmed from observing students smoking before classes, leading to the desire to create a device to deter such behavior.

Recognized during the National Education Policy celebration, Misbah showcased the model integration of the detector with vehicles, earning a certificate of appreciation from Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director for Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)

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