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Kashmiri teen secures gold at in National Pencak Silat Championship


The limitless potential of Kashmiri girls is on vivid display as they excel across diverse domains, notably in sports.

In a recent triumph, a teenage sensation from Kulgam district clinched the gold medal at the National Pencak Silat Championship held in Bihar.

Dar Saawya Ashiq, an 11-year-old daughter of Ashiq Hussain Dar, hailing from Malipora in Akhran area of Mirbazar, Kulgam, emerged victorious at the 11th National Pre-Teen, Pre-Junior, and Junior Championship.

The event, hosted at the Pataliputra Sports Stadium in Patna, Bihar, witnessed a spirited contest among 1400 players representing 34 States and Union Territories.

Saawya, a determined 6th-grade student at K.Y International School Harnag, Anantnag, attributes her remarkable achievement to the unswerving support of her coach, Asif, and her family.

When reflecting on her success, Saawya highlighted the challenges faced by athletes due to inadequate sports infrastructure, emphasizing the need for better facilities and academies in Jammu Kashmir.

Beyond her sporting prowess, Saawya advocates for a healthy lifestyle, cautioning against substance abuse and excessive mobile phone usage.

She passionately champions regular exercise, underscoring its comprehensive benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

Having secured silver, bronze, and gold medals at district, state, and now national levels, Saawya aspires to represent the nation at the international stage. Her determination fuels her commitment to hard work and dedication.

In a plea to parents, she urges them to support their children’s interests in sports, believing that nurturing talent in this field can pave the way for a promising future.

Proud of their daughter’s achievement, Saawya’s parents express their delight, emphasizing the importance of guiding and supporting daughters toward success in their chosen endeavors.

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Indian SC likely to deliver Article 370 verdict in December


The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its verdict in the prolonged case challenging the amendment of Article 370, with a five-judge Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud conducting extensive hearings over sixteen days.

The petitioners contested the abrogation of Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu Kashmir, along with the JK Reorganization Act that divided the region into Union Territories, arguing that these actions are unconstitutional.

Justice SK Kaul’s retirement on December 25, 2023, and the approaching winter break on December 15, 2023, suggest the judgment may be imminent.

The petitioners claimed that the abrogation infringed upon federalism and violated the Constitution, emphasizing that the 2019 Act contradicts Article 3 by granting Parliament powers to diminish federal democratic States into a less representative entity like a Union Territory.

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Tragic Accident Near Garhi Dupatta Claims Two Lives and Leaves Two Severely Injured


Muzaffarabd: In a devastating incident near Garhi Dupatta, close to the Bedian area, a bus traveling from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi plunged into the Jhelum River.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of Bhediara in Chakothi, resulting in the loss of two lives, including the driver, Raja Tariq Sakanra, and passenger Hameed Akram from Kona, Channari.

Details reveal that the coaster bus, en route from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi, met with the tragic accident near Bedian while heading towards Gudhi Dupatta. The bus, carrying five individuals, including driver Raja Tariq Sakanra and passenger Hameed Akram from Kona, Channari, veered off the road and plunged into the Jhelum River.

The mishap resulted in the unfortunate demise of two individuals, Raja Tariq Sakanra and Hameed Akram, while two others sustained severe injuries. The injured have been promptly transferred to Muzaffarabad Hospital by Rescue 1122.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for heightened caution, especially on routes prone to such accidents.

Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to ensure a comprehensive understanding and take necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Mughal road reopens after 3 days closure due to snowfall


Mughal road, connecting Kashmir Valley’s Shopian district with twin districts of Rajouri and Poonch, reopened on Sunday for one-way traffic after remaining closed due to fresh snowfall, officials said.

The thoroughfare was closed due to snowfall at several places along the road including ‘Pir Ki Gali’ on November 30.

DTI Mughal Road Kapil Manhas confirmed to GNS that traffic has been opened towards Shopian end.

Earlier this year, the road, considered as alternative to Jammu-Srinagar Highway, was closed on several occasions due to snowfall, particularly in ‘Pir KiGali’ and its adjoining areas. (GNS)

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Successful Conclusion of a 5-Day Polio Campaign in Leepa Valley Despite Harsh Winter Conditions


LEEPA VALLEY: (Azadi Times) In an exemplary effort, the recently concluded 5-day polio vaccination campaign in Valley Leepa showcased unwavering determination and commitment from the local polio workers.

Despite the biting cold, these workers successfully completed the campaign, achieving a 100% target in three union councils of Tehsil Leepa.

Over the past five years, the vaccination drive has reached a total of 5,760 children under the age of five in Tehsil Leepa.

A total of 42 teams, including 7 Area In-charges and 3 UCMOs, were deployed for the administration of polio drops. Despite the winter challenges, the teams were resolute in their mission to ensure that no child remains deprived of the polio vaccine.

Dr. Tahir Rahim Mughal, DHQ Jhelum Valley, acknowledged the difficulties posed by the severe cold but praised the relentless efforts of the polio workers.

He emphasized that the goal was to prevent any child from being denied the polio vaccine, and the community’s wholehearted cooperation contributed significantly to the success of the campaign.

On this occasion, District Health Officer (DHO) Jhelum Valley extended heartfelt congratulations to the polio workers, recognizing their dedication and hard work that led to the successful completion of the campaign despite the challenging winter conditions.

Relief for Kashmiri students accused of celebrating India’s loss against Australia: Bail granted, UAPA charges withdrawn


A court in Jammu Kashmir has granted bail to the seven Kashmiris booked for celebrating India’s loss against Australia in the final match of the world cup final at Ahmedabad.

According to news reports, the court in Ganderbal on Saturday granted bail to seven Kashmiri students who were arrested for allegedly celebrating India’s defeat in World Cup and intimidating few colleges at SKUAST- Ganderbal.

It is also being reported that the police have dropped UAPA charges against these students.

Former chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti has welcomed the dropping of UAPA charges stating, “Glad to know that UAPA charges against SKUAST students have been dropped. Finally good sense has prevailed & their future saved from jeopardy.”

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Sopore murder case resolved: Wife and boyfriend arrested as prime suspects, says Police


Jammu Kashmir Police on Saturday claimed to have  solved the murder case in Sopore, apprehending the wife and her boyfriend as the primary suspects.

According to official sources relayed by the Kashmir Despatch news agency, the investigation commenced after Reyaz Ahmad Mir, 50, was reported missing by his family on Friday morning.

After an extensive search, his body was discovered in a water-filled trench.

Subsequently, the authorities promptly arrested the wife and her boyfriend, marking a swift conclusion to the investigation.

A comprehensive briefing by the police on this case is scheduled for tomorrow, and currently, both the wife and her boyfriend remain in custody.

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Israel was aware about 7th Oct Hamas attack plan for over a year: Report


Israeli authorities obtained a comprehensive battle plan by Hamas for an attack on October 7th more than a year in advance.

This 40-page document, codenamed “Jericho Wall,” detailed a meticulous invasion strategy causing around 1,200 casualties, reported New York Times.

Despite circulating among Israeli military and intelligence leaders, experts deemed the attack beyond Hamas’s capabilities, dismissing it as aspirational.

Even warnings close to the event were downplayed or disregarded, leading to an unprepared Israeli military as the attack unfolded, resulting in the deadliest day in Israel’s history.

The failure to take these warnings seriously and the deep-rooted belief that Hamas lacked the capacity for such an attack led to a cascade of missteps, now regarded as Israel’s worst intelligence failure since the Arab-Israeli war of 1973.

This comprehensive document revealed Hamas’s detailed plan to breach Israeli fortifications, employing rockets, drones, and infiltrating forces.

It highlighted targets such as Israeli military bases, reflecting an audacious yet underestimated blueprint.

Despite prior indications of Hamas’s intent, Israeli officials overlooked the group’s actions, including acquiring sophisticated weaponry and increasing their fighting force significantly.

There were missed opportunities to address and interpret these warning signs accurately.

The document, coupled with later warnings and exercises mirroring the plan, showcased Hamas’s evolving capabilities, narrowing the gap between possibility and aspiration.

Yet, due to ingrained beliefs and misinterpretations, the warnings were not heeded appropriately, leading to an intelligence failure akin to previous historic lapses, notably the U.S. 9/11 attacks.

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‘Sensitive Content’: Police take action against 6 individuals


Police today said that it has taken cognizance against 6 individuals for the propagation of false information about the latest ‘sensitive content’ posted by a student at NIT Srinagar.

Srinagar Police & Cyber Police Kashmir have taken cognizance against 06 individuals for propagation of false information, instigating content inciting disaffection & anti-social propaganda on social media platforms.

Legal action under relevant sections of law has been taken,” police said in a tweet and appealed common public to desist from posting, sharing, propagating instigative, provocative content, misinformation, anti-social propaganda & rumour mongering on social media.

Earlier, Jammu Kashmir’s Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain emphasized strict actions against social media content capable of inciting communal unrest, promoting terrorism, or disturbing peace.

He affirmed the police’s duty to prevent disrespect towards Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or any religious group.

Speaking to reporters in Jammu, DGP Swain discussed the recent derogatory video posted by an NIT student, highlighting the police’s intent to apprehend those spreading objectionable content disrupting communal harmony or instigating violence.

Pertinently, students of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar, in a statement issued to The Kashmiriyat said that On 28th Nov, they carried out a peaceful procession as they were “deeply hurt” with the story uploaded on Instagram by a student of the college.

The blasphemous remark triggered a series of protests in some colleges of the valley which continued on Friday.

On Friday, protests were taken out in the Islamic University of Science and Technology and at the Kashmir University to demand action against the accused student.

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60% structures damaged in Gaza, 3,390 Palestinians arrested in West Bank since Oct. 7


Amid escalating tensions, the Israeli army’s widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip has leftover 60% of homes and residential units razed, according to the government media office in Gaza.

The severe humanitarian crisis is compounded by the collapse of the health sector, with 26 hospitals and 55 health centers rendered inoperable due to targeted bombings. Tragically, thousands of bodies remain trapped under rubble, as civil defense teams struggle with limited resources and equipment.

Gaza requires 1,000 daily aid trucks and one million liters of fuel to initiate recovery. The international community is urged to address the dire situation, holding Israel accountable for the devastating consequences.

Continuation – Humanitarian Appeal:

The media office underscores the immediate need for humanitarian aid, appealing to the Arab and Islamic nations, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to formulate an urgent rescue plan.

With over a quarter of a million families affected, the call extends to introducing fully-equipped field hospitals to save the wounded. Additionally, hundreds of pieces of equipment for Civil Defense and emergency teams are urgently sought to retrieve bodies still trapped under rubble.

“The residential units housed more than 50,000 families who lost their homes entirely, in addition to 250,000 housing units partially destroyed by the occupation,” it added.

Israeli Detentions in the West Bank:

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have detained 3,390 Palestinians in a series of raids across the occupied West Bank since October 7, including 260 during humanitarian pauses, report local NGOs. Arrests occurred through home raids and at military checkpoints, involving instances of coercion and hostage-taking. The detentions, marked by torture, beatings, and threats against detainees and their families, have contributed to heightened tensions in the West Bank amid the ongoing conflict.

Continuation – Humanitarian Pause and Prisoner Exchange:

In a move to de-escalate tensions, Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend a humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip. This extension follows a series of releases, with 66 Israeli prisoners freed in exchange for 210 Palestinians during the initial pause. The situation remains fluid as both sides navigate a delicate balance in the midst of a complex and challenging conflict.

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