AJK PM presided over the review meeting of AJK secretaries


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MUZAFFARABAD: Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq, the review meeting of the third quarter of the annual development program of the secretaries of the Azad Jammu Kashmir government was held.


The progress of the ongoing projects was discussed in the meeting. The Prime Minister directed that the projects should be completed on time and the quality of the work should be kept in mind. No negligence will be tolerated in this regard. The prime minister said that all the allocated funds of the annual development program of the federal government are expected to be received soon. Therefore, development departments should immediately set up a fund utilization program to ensure timely utilization of funds.


The Prime Minister directed that the officers of all the development departments posted in the districts will remain and work in their respective districts of posting and no officer will leave the authorized authority station without permission. The Prime Minister directed the secretaries to ensure strict implementation of the guidelines laid down. Projects should be completed with specifications and quality.

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PM directed the AJK Roads Department to complete the Neelam Valley to Ta But road in the current financial year itself. In this regard, the government will provide all required funds in the current financial year. Neelum district is a tourist destination.


Road improvement will help in increasing tourism. The Prime Minister directed the Tourism Secretary that all the field officers of the Tourism Department should be seen in their respective areas. The employees posted in the rest houses, cooks, waiters and watchmen should be present at their respective places of posting. The inactive rest houses should be activated immediately.


The Prime Minister will conduct a surprise inspection of all such tourism facilities in the districts in the coming days. The Prime Minister also directed to make the facilities of rest houses profitable. The prime minister also issued instructions to all the district officers to adopt simplicity and people-friendly attitude. In any way, their behavior should not show glory and grandeur. There will be no room in the districts for such officers who will adopt asraf. The Prime Minister directed the Secretary Schools to prepare a briefing within two weeks with the help of the coordinators of all government schools in which the details of the number of schools, number of students, budget and expenditure per student should be presented in the briefing.


The prime minister also directed the secretary colleges to organize a briefing related to their sector. The prime minister directed all the secretaries to work according to the law. The laws framed should not be self-explanatory, but the implementation should be ensured as per the law. He said that as the prime minister, I have made myself accountable and every citizen can object to the orders of the prime minister. Similarly, all the employees should also be accountable.

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