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“Madrasa Al-Noor Al Huda and Pearl School System” Rawalakot’s annual celebration, Hafaz Quran

National"Madrasa Al-Noor Al Huda and Pearl School System" Rawalakot's annual celebration, Hafaz Quran

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Rawalkot (Dharti News) In Rawalkot city, a unique educational institution of its kind “Madrasa Al-Noor Al-Hida and Pearl School System” was organized in Rawalkot in which the students presented various programs. In addition to memorizing the Holy Quran, general education is also given in the institution. In this event, four female students and two male students were also given a gift for completing the Holy Quran. The special guest of the annual event was prominent social personality Ms. Khadija Zareen, President “World Saduzai”. Tribal Congress Women’s Wing and Educationist”. On arrival in the ceremony, flowers were showered by the principal Ms. Faiza Saghir and staff members. Prominent businessman Sardar Shazeeb Shabbir, Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz along with doctors, journalists were present in the ceremony. And other personalities and women participated in large numbers. Ms. Faiza Sagheer, the head of the institution, presented the performance report of the institution. She said that her institution is unique in that we emphasize training more than education. The institution pays special attention to improve the personality of the children R. Shazeeb Shabbir, Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz, staff members, addressed. Ms. Khadija Zareen congratulated Faiza Sagheer and the entire staff. She paid tribute to the organizers for this effort. She said that in today’s digital age, bringing schools and madrassas under one roof is the most important need of the hour. Is. The children and teachers studying in this institution are proof that religion and world are not separate things but they should be under the same roof and only love of Quran and Sunnah must be there in future children. We are Muslims, but in today’s era, we are moving away from Islamic teachings. In this magical era, we cannot save the new generation from the problems faced by the Prophet’s Sunnah unless we unite schools and madrassas. We have to revive Islamic teachings and promote them. We are close to forgetting religious ideas. It is necessary to encourage those who are playing their role in this good work by being in the front line. The origin of this institution was Faiza Sagheer, who gathered the Muslim Ummah on one platform, i.e. Quran and Sunnah, Tareel Muslim heroes and Iqbaliyat. I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart and assure them that I will play a full role in this good cause by using all my skills and I invite people to create such institutions as well. And will support fully. He said that today I feel proud to be the daughter of this land where people have such a platform. It was gathered where religion and the world are united. It seems as if we are sitting in the world because of the Hafiz Qur’an and the holder of the Qur’an. May Allah grant success to the institution and to Faiza Sagheer in its goal. On this occasion, the girls who memorized from this institution were crowned and the children were given dastaar and honored according to their rank, success in this world and the hereafter. At the end of the program, Faiza Sagheer thanked the chief guest for coming to the event and thanked all the staff for their support, and Ms. Khadija Zareen Khan was paid tribute to her. On the occasion, the staff members of the institution and some students were presented with shields and gold medals for their excellent performance.

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