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Political resistance. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan.. Abed Siddique

NationalPolitical resistance. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan.. Abed Siddique

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In those days when we were studying in Captain Hussain Shaheed Degree College, Rawalkot, studying was less and students spent more time in politics, there were about half a dozen active organizations among student organizations, but the most active or attractive were two student organizations. One is the People’s Students Federation (PSF) and the other is the National Students Federation (NSF). After that, there were Islamic Jamiat Talaba or other student organizations. Rakim was in the NSF and stayed with this organization for a long time, but he During this period, through the friends of PSF, he would get the opportunity to participate in such programs or other events where Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan (Mur Hum) was also present.
When the college unions were banned, the student organizations were not very active, I also joined the Bujoh PSF during this period, so I still remember that Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan wrote a letter to me in English, read the letter. Instead of trying to find out the meaning, I took out the meaning by myself that it must have been a congratulation. The truth is that even after reading the letter, including me, many of my colleagues did not understand it. Let me write in simple words. So it was not read and when it was read, tears of joy fell in the eyes.
When the leader of Pakistan People’s Party and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mrs. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed came to Rawalkot for the first time, PSF forces were formed to provide security and manage the traffic system. And Rakim was also included in this squad, a group of three of us, including Muhammad Saeed Khan (Mutial Meera) and Arshad Rafiq (currently residing in South Africa) was on duty at Mang, on behalf of the district administration from Rawalkot to Mang Azad Patan. Until this highway was declared one-way for a day, that is, the vehicle could not come from Rawalpindi to Rawalkot. Our group reached Mang at eight in the morning and managed the traffic system, our dress was also unique, the whole day people kept looking at us and shouting phrases.
Around 12 o’clock on the day, Ms. Benazir Bhutto’s car reached Mang in a convoy, where our duty was. A crowd came to Ming who wanted to see Benazir Bhutto (martyr) up close. There was no ceremony in the schedule at Mang place and neither was she supposed to address, about one kilometer away from Mang city, women had come in large numbers to welcome Benazir Bhutto (martyr) and she came right in the middle of the road. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan (deceased) was also riding in the car of Benazir Bhutto (martyr), or he was driving the car (I don’t remember this correctly). We have no idea what happened between Ms. and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan, but we Later it was found that Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan asked her to give a short address to these women but she refused, after which Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan got angry and got out of the car, after which he drove the car ahead of Mang. PPK senior leader Jahangir Badar drove and brought him. This incident remained in people’s minds for a long time and this incident also caused the division of PPP and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim refused to go with PPP.
Hundreds of books can be written on the political journey of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan. The number of people who disagree with his ideas may be more, but it has been proved that differences with ideas foster thinking and today, when four years have passed since he left us, there are more people who disagree with him. are saddened and admit that the stand of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan (deceased) has always been right. Repeat the words “Witness this is his last speech in this assembly”.
When the meeting was over, someone asked him why he was repeating that this is the last speech. There are still two and a half years left for this assembly. But the judges of the Supreme Court have decided that they will do something and I will not back down from my words, so why not declare them ineligible on the basis that something will definitely happen, then this will be the last speech. ”, they were very firm in their intentions and very clear in their expression or narrative. That is, they used to stick to what they said and believed that they were right.
Even when criticizing, they did not leave the foot of honor and respect, but there was no fear or fear, nor did any thought come to the heart or mind about who was sitting in front of them in what position. had a habit and it never occurred to him whether it was night or day at that time. He just did what he thought. His close companions had also become so accustomed to his habits that sometimes They did not become an obstacle in the way. Only these habits separated them from others, but the habit that I liked best was their “humanity”. They respected everyone equally and merit was the same for everyone. But now there may be no one like him. Today, a year has passed since he left us, but his words are still fresh in our memories. At present, when not only are there conspiracies to divide Kashmir, but they But action has also been taken, a leader with strong nerves like Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan is deeply missed. May Allah make his life easy in the hereafter and may his loved ones follow his footsteps.

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