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Seminar.. “Indian aggression on Occupied Kashmir since October 27, 1947 and the struggle of the Kashmiri people”

NationalSeminar.. "Indian aggression on Occupied Kashmir since October 27, 1947 and the struggle of the Kashmiri people"

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Rawalpindi (Dharti News) Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Commission and the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies of Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad organized a special seminar titled “Indian Aggression on Occupied Kashmir since October 27, 1947 and the Struggle of the Kashmiri People”, which Secretary Kashmir Arts and Languages ​​Ijaz Hussain Lone presided over. Former Senior Ambassador Ghalib Iqbal was the chief guest of the seminar, while former Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi and Professor Dr. Shaheen Akhtar discussed the sub-topics of the seminar. The hosting duties were performed by Professor Dr. Salma, Chairperson of Defense and Strategic Studies Department of Quaid-e-Azam University. Director Media Wing Kashmir Liberation Commission Sarwar Hussain Gilgiti, Director National Coordination Wing Raja Khan Afsar Khan, Deputy Director Sardar Sajid Mahmood, Najeeb Al-Ghafoor Khan, Inamul Hasan Kashmiri, Raja Khalid Mahmood Sumit and others were also present on this occasion. A large number of students and teachers of the university also participated in the seminar. Addressing the seminar as a special guest, former Ambassador Ghalib Iqbal said that a strong narrative should be adopted to resolve the Kashmir issue. The youth should highlight the Kashmir issue on social media and other platforms. The Muslim population in Indian occupied Kashmir. He has issued 4 million fake state subjects in Occupied Kashmir so far. Kashmir-based delegations should be sent to the outside world who are fully aware of the historical facts of the Kashmir issue and the current situation of the Kashmir Freedom Movement so that they can present the Kashmir issue to the international community in an accurate and comprehensive manner. Only by presenting a firm stand can the world know Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir. He further said that we have to be single-minded for the solution of the Kashmir issue beyond political affiliations. Keeping aside the political differences and group and tribal interests, we have to raise our voice in a strong and concrete way for the aorta of Pakistan. He said that we should learn from history and see when and on the basis of which reasons we failed and how this failure can be rectified now. He said that India is a big economic power due to which it is succeeding in attracting the world and getting their sympathy. Secretary Kashmir Affairs Arts and Languages ​​Ijaz Hussain Lone, while presenting the introductory remarks, said that India illegally occupied Kashmir on October 27. Kashmiris have been struggling for freedom from Indian rule for 75 years. They have been making sacrifices for three generations. They are coming. On August 5, 2019, India ended the special status of Kashmir and imposed a lockdown in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, but despite these restrictions, the struggle of the Kashmiri people did not decrease. He further said that the purpose of organizing seminars in universities and other institutions is to make students aware of the historical facts and current conditions of the Kashmir issue. It is very important to make the young generation aware of the Kashmir issue. These young people are very active on social media. They can use social media to inform the whole world about the Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. Former ambassador Naghmana Hashmi said that one Indian soldier is deployed for every five citizens in Occupied Kashmir. India is committing war crimes and targeting children and youth with pellet guns, which is the worst violation of human rights. The silence of the international community on these crimes is very sad. He said that India had taken the Kashmir issue to the United Nations itself and had promised to give the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people, but it not only always broke the promise but also International laws have also been violated. The Kashmiri people have been making sacrifices for the right to self-determination for 75 years, but the political leadership must come on the same page. The solution to the Kashmir problem is necessary for long-lasting peace in the region. India needs to solve the Kashmir problem. It will be necessary to come to the negotiation table. Professor Dr. Shaheen Akhtar said that the situation in Occupied Kashmir is getting worse and worse. Politics, culture and economy have been badly affected in Occupied Kashmir. India occupied Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of Maharaja’s fake accession. India changed the special status of Occupied Kashmir by abolishing Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution. It changed the proportion of Muslim population by issuing state subjects to Indian citizens. It is going on. Kashmiri youth are being subjected to target killing. Print and electronic media and social media are completely blacked out to hide Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. At the end of the seminar, a question and answer session was also held. At the end of the seminar shields were presented to the distinguished guests by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Commission.

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