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Shamiri himself proceeded to highlight the Kashmir issue, President of Azad Kashmir

NationalShamiri himself proceeded to highlight the Kashmir issue, President of Azad Kashmir

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New York, New Jersey (Dharti News) President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has said that the Kashmiri immigrants living in the United States should play their role in highlighting the Kashmir issue at international forums because the Kashmir issue is an important and critical issue. A turning point has been entered, so now Kashmiris themselves should step forward to raise the issue of Kashmir. In this regard, during my visit to the United States, I myself have tried to gather the Kashmiris living here in different states of the United States. On October 27, I gathered Kashmiris in a big demonstration in Washington, the capital of America. I will still appeal to the Kashmiris living here to rise above their political and social affiliations and unite and agree on the issue of Kashmir at the international level. He expressed these views while addressing the receptions given in his honor at the residences of Chaudhry Rashid Masood of Bhalot in New Jersey and Haji Nazir Chawla of Chachoi in New York today. On this occasion, the reception given by Chaudhry Rashid Masood of Bhalot at his residence was attended by former member Kashmir Council Sardar Sawar Khan, Chaudhry Muhammad Ishaq, Chaudhry Muhammad Shabbir, Chaudhry Tariq, Chaudhry Sajid, Qazi Mushtaq Ali Raja Mazhar and others. While later in New York, the reception given by Haji Nazir Chawla at his residence was attended by Saghir Nazir, Nadeem Nazir, Syed Aftab Shah, Malik Imtiaz, Sardar Imtiaz, Mushtaq Khan, Asif Jahangir, Raja Mukhtar and others. . On this occasion, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry added in his address that I am related to the families of both Rashid Masood and Haji Nazir Chawla since 1984 and when I came to America for the first time in 1984 for protests, they supported my protests. helped for Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry said that now my visit to America is coming to an end and I am preparing to return home. Get ready because I have many responsibilities as the President of Azad Kashmir and I am needed there, due to which I have to give time to perform government duties there as well. I would like to ask the Kashmiris living in the US to succeed in the mid-term elections for governors and mayors in the US on November 8 by voting for candidates who support the stability of Pakistan and our position on the Kashmir issue. I am going back home for two days and I expect the expatriates here to contribute to American politics and participate in the elections here to make it easier for us to gain support on the Kashmir issue.

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