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Violation of code of conduct, notice issued to Prime Minister, election commission summoned


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Muzaffarabad (PID) In ​​a press release issued by the Election Commission of Jammu and Kashmir, it has been said that the Election Commission has issued a notice to the Prime Minister along with the Principal Secretary for violating the code of conduct. In which it is said that Chaudhry Latif Akbar Sahib Leader of the Opposition has complained through letter No. PS/1176 dated 18-11-2022 that Mr. Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir has organized a function in the Prime Minister House in which he District Councilor candidates of the ruling party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) were invited and in this event Mr. Prime Minister announced various projects during his speech and also presented the distribution of funds and this action of Mr. Prime Minister towards the Election Commission. It is a violation of the code of conduct issued by the Prime Minister. In this regard, the speech of the Prime Minister has also been seen on social media, in which various plans are being announced by him. In addition, Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan is a member The Legislative Assembly has also complained dated 18-11-2022 that Mr. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir has given government accommodation to the nominated candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Muzaffarabad District, Jhelum Valley District and Chedah Chedah Workers in Muzaffarabad District. Gah Prime Minister invited the constituency wise separately in the house and took care of the government resources and the circle He also made several announcements from other resources. Out of which, two tehsils in Khawra constituency, construction of Nala Agar road, water supply scheme in Union Council, industrial school in Mahajir Camp Basnara, launch of Zacha Bacha Center etc. In addition to the announcements, there is also talk of giving five lakh rupees to the member of each ward. Water supply scheme in Lachhrat constituency, sewage line, dispensary in Battingi, as well as appointment orders in forest department in several previous dates. In Muzaffarabad city. In addition to Thori Park, Neelam Park, several projects have been announced. In Jhelum Valley district, several projects have been announced. In addition, Shaukat Javed Mir, Central Deputy Secretary, Pakistan Peoples Party has also complained through the application that the Election Commission Despite the ban imposed in connection with local elections, the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, has announced about 106 new educational institutions, including roads, including the establishment of a tehsil in Khawra. Cars are made. Azad Jammu and Kashmir election According to the code of conduct issued by the commission, no person including Mr. Prime Minister, minister and advisers can announce any plan. Thus, holding any kind of meeting or announcing any plan or scheme at this stage by Mr. Prime Minister is a violation of the code of conduct. Therefore, in this regard, on 23-11-2022 at 12.30 pm, at Kothi No. 1, attached to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, appear in front of the honorable members of the Election Commission. Provide clarification regarding complaints received.

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