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Age dispute for youth seats, Supreme Court’s conditional permission

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Muzaffarabad (Dharti News) The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Supreme Court has granted conditional permission to the two candidates contesting in the youth-specific seats in the second phase of local government elections, who were barred by the High Court from participating in the election on this basis. A writ petition was filed in Azad Kashmir High Court by Bilal Nawaz against two candidates Rizwan Khadim and Mohammad Mahfouz, in which the stand was taken that the Azad Kashmir government had set the age limit for youth. The age limit has been set at forty years, which is against the constitution. The age limit for youth should be thirty five years. Mohammad Mahfouz was issued tickets by PTI while Rizwan Khadim was issued tickets by Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party for specific seats of Municipal Corporation Rawalkot. An appeal was made in the court. The Supreme Court allowed these candidates to contest the conditional election.

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