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Akademi Literature Pakistan’s big announcement for Kashmiri writers and poets

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Islamabad (Dharti News) Sadhan Educational Conference organized by Academy of Literature of Pakistan in collaboration with Department of Science and Literature of Pakistan.
A mushaira was organized under the title of Unity State of Jammu and Kashmir, in which poets belonging to the three units of Kashmir participated in large numbers. The meeting was jointly chaired by Abdul Khaliq Taj, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Khan, Prof. Dr. Zafar Hasan Zafar. The special guest was Dr. Yusuf Khokh, Chairman, Academy of Literature, Pakistan. Waseem Azam performed the administrative duties. Among the poets who recited their words are Ahmad Atta Allah, Naz Muzaffarabadi, Muhammad Yamin, Ijaz Naumani, Zulfiqar Asad, Shehbaz Gardizi, Farooq Hussain Saber, Munir Ahmad Zahid, Ehsan Danish, Farman Khayal, Zubair Al Hasan Zubiri, Majid Mahmood, Shuzaib Kashaar. , Sadaqat Tahir, Ms. Safora Zahid Moghadam, Hamid Kamran, Rashid Abbasi, Haseeb Jamal, and Rizwan Bajari were included. The poets tried to depict the present conditions of Kashmir and keep them aware of the future conditions through their own words. The special guest, Dr. Yousuf Khokh, Chairman of Pakistan Academy of Literature, in his speech, described this Mushaira as the best among the Mushairas held in the Pakistan Academy of Literature last year and appreciated the words of the poets. He announced that Kashmiri poets Wadeeb can publish their works with the support of Academy of Literature Pakistan, for which our institution will give full support. Professor Dr. Zafar Hussain Zafar and Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Khan thanked the Chairman of Pakistan Academy of Literature Dr. Yusuf Khokh for organizing this beautiful event.

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